Dragon Ball Fighter Z: Characters we’d like to see in the game! (Top 10 Pt1)

Dragon Ball Fighter Z: Characters we’d like to see in the game! (Top 10 Pt1)


By: Johnny Big Fudge Marcondes

Dragon Ball Fighter Z is easily one of the most talked about games coming out next year. Making a huge impact at E3, this Dragon Ball Z game is going to be like no other. Backed by Arc System Works the developers behind some of the best fighting games today, Fighter Z is easily on the rise to become the best anime based fighter to hit the market. With the game only being at %20 completion during it’s E3 debut there are a lot of lingering questions. How big will the roster be? Who make the cut? Is it going to follow any arcs or have DLC? So far none of that is known yet and everything roster related that hasn’t been confirmed by Bandai Namco/ Arc System Works is just fan speculation. With that being said, myself along with the rest of the writers for Pixelated Rampage love the Dragon Ball series and have our own list of characters we’d like to see make the cut. Growing up Dragon Ball/z was my favorite anime, even to this day I still consider it my favorite anime of all time. Between hard hitting villains like Broly to comedic fighters like Mr.Satan there’s a lot of great core characters that could make Fighter Z’s roster incredibly diverse. Similar to how Street Fighter 4’s roster had a variety of top tier to more modest/gimmick related fighters I’d like to see Fighter Z take a more loose path. With so many characters to choose from it’s hard to imagine any of them missing out on the opportunity to be in a great fighter like Fighter Z is shaping up to be. Here is the first part of my top 10 choices for characters I’d love to see appear in the game:

1)  Tien Shinhan.

Tien Shinhan the man who first appeared in Dragon Ball with the intent to kill young Goku has done so much for the Z Fighters after his journey for redemption since his debut.  Being one of the few humans in the group Tien has held his own numerous times proving he’s capable to hold his own against some of the strongest in the universe. Tien not only has a unique look that helps him stand apart from fellow Z Fighters but he’s also done a lot in terms of introducing new attacks to the group. Between the Solar Flare which became a common stun attack the Z Fighters use to first introducing flight to the series in Dragon Ball Tien would be a perfect fit for Fighter Z. As an assist character he could offer up a Stun support with the Solar Flare, a projectile attack with the Dodon Ray and an anti air with the Tri Beam. When Dragon Ball first came out it was less about planet shattering attacks and more about martial arts, Tien is one of the few remaining human characters in the series that could still be seen as an assist to Goku and others who have become insanely strong. Surviving getting his hand literally punched off by Nappa during the Saiyan Saga and holding his own against Imperfect Cell during the Cell Saga Tien is incredibly underrated. In the anime Tien never gave up training or his goal to become stronger to fight Goku again, the fact that in the current arc in Super Goku seeks Tien to join his team for a tournament to save Earth speeks for it self.

2) Broly/Kale.

Every good fighting game an over sized, over powered tank of a character and who better to fit that role than the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly or his canon Dragon Ball Super spiritual Successor Kale? Broly is an angry, rage filled tank of a saiyan who’s main purpose for living is to get his revenge on Goku. What did Goku do to get under Broly’s skin and make him live for the sole reason of killing him? As a baby still on planet Vegeta, Goku cried. That’s about it. He cried a lot and it woke baby Broly up and he found it enjoying. Fast forward numerous years later and Broly still dreams of that crying annoying baby Goku and wants nothing more than to shut him up. Talk about dramatic. Nevertheless Broly is a spectacle among characters in the Dragon Ball Z universe. While he’s not exactly a canon character, he’s easily one of the most recognizable and beloved by fans. Being filled with rage this mysterious saiyan can be Fighter Z’s answer for those tank like characters every fighter has. When it comes to balancing they could slow his speed down and make his health similar to Akuma’s from Street Fighter where he does a lot of damage but has less health than most.


If Dragon Ball Fighter Z want’s to follow the shows main universe/canon history then simply replacing Broly with Dragon Ball Super character Kale is the logical step. Kale might actually be a better fit for Fighter Z at least design wise, it will be a really cool visual to see Kale go from her base form to her Super Saiyan berserker form that looks like a slightly leaner Broly. Character wise both Kale and Broly would fit the mold of big powerful characters that the game needs, it’s one thing to have a roster of characters from the show that are all somewhat similar design wise(body type or moveset) but characters like Broly/Kale could give players a more diverse moveset and visual. Broly in his films has been known to do more physical attacks as opposed to tradition Ki blasts so seeing him clothesline someone or have potential guard breaking strikes would benefit people by having him/her in their team. Even though Broly/Kale is yet another Saiyan character that could be in the game I don’t think many people would mind if they were included as long as the character isn’t essentially broken and overpowered I feel that they could mesh well with interesting team ups. Broly/Kale as the muscle partnered with say Teen Gohan for speed and keep aways and Frieza for mid range attacks would be cool. Plus there’s always this reference to help people remember how cool Broly was:

3) Beerus.

I’m almost certain Beerus will be in the final roster of Dragon Ball Fighter Z, how could he not? Beerus has been one of the most popular and important characters of the series since his introduction. Being the God Of Destruction Beerus is incredibly powerful and while we haven’t seen too much of his fighting style or even the limits of his powers yet it’ll be really interesting to see how’d he be used in a 2D fighting game like Fighter Z. I imagine Beerus would make for an excellent mid range character using his tail to mid range strikes and dash attacks. I can almost see him playing like a mixture of Millia from Guilty Gear and Cable in MvC2. Beerus has a wide variety of attacks and his God energy and Destruction energy would make for some amazing looking specials not to mention his speed can go unmatched being able to dash across screen for quick rush downs could give him a great edge against others. Dragon Ball Fighter Z still has a long way to go in its development and we’ve seen video footage of Teen Gohans level 5 special the Father Son Kamehameha, if every characters a level 5 special please add Whis to Beerus’ be it as a cameo or after match taunt it needs to happen. Jokes aside, Beerus has everything a great character in a fighting needs, he has a distinct look and the personality to match. It will be a really cool if they add in the basic neck chop he gave Goku that knocked him out into his move set, given a cinematic it could work like Nash’s special in Street Fighter 5 where he appears behind you.

4) Mr. Satan/Hercule.

The man who defeated Cell and saved the world for Buu, Earths mightiest hero and world champion Mr. Satan/Hercule is the hero Fighter Z needs. Alright, we all know Satan didn’t put an end to Cell and he’s nothing more but comedy relief in the series but that’s what truly makes him ideal for this fighting game. Guilty Gear has Faust, Street Fighter has Dan, Blazblue has Taokaka and so on, every fighting game has at least one quirky or joke character that appeals to the comedic side of things. Mr. Satan/Hercule could be a great addition to Fighter Z to help cleanse the palette of gamers who may not be familiar with series all the well as he can break some of the tension of the more opposing characters on the roster. We’ve seen Dan in MvC2 use signed headshots as attacks and we’ve seen Mr.Satan himself in previous Dragon Ball games use an exploding Gameboy as a special attack. Comedy characters are more important to fighting games than you may think, besides just being there to lighten the mood they have some of the most creative movesets around which can make them harder to master and more fun to use for gamers who are seeking a challenge.

Even though he’s a joke character no one should underestimate Mr. Satan as a character. People often forget that Dragon Ball/Z/Super follows some of the Earths strongest characters around so when compared to characters like Goku, Gohan and the rest of the Z Fighters yeah Satan is practically worthless. With that in mind lets not forget that he’s also the current martial arts champion for a reason and even if he won that title by a fluke chance it still doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s skills and strength are above human norms. Mr.Satan may not be able to fly without the help of a jet pack but he doesn’t need the help from those “tricks” (Ki) to be a competent fighter. It’s easy to imagine Satan using some form of gadgets and tricks to be a pretty good assist character maybe an explosive for anti air and healing assist with his capsules. In the anime Mr.Satan has been shown to be an actual skilled martial artist and have pretty impressive strength for a normal human, it’s just when he’s standing near fighters like Buu and more that he’s seen as weak. At the end of the day Mr.Satan is a hero, without his help Goku wouldn’t be able to beat Buu and that’s a fact.

5) Tapion.

I really hope DB Fighter Z includes non canon/movie characters in the roster if not I’m hoping down the line to expect character packs similar to what Injustice 2 has been doing. Seeing a “movies pack” including some Dragon Ball characters only found in films like Garlic Jr, Tapion, Android 13 and more would be amazing and sure fire way to get my money at least. Nevertheless Tapion may have been a one off character in a film but he instantly became a fan favorite and is a character many fans look forward to seeing any time a new DBZ game gets announced. Even though Tapion is literally a parody of Link from the Legend Of Zelda games as he’s also a ocarina playing, sword wielding pointy eared quiet hero, he’s still someone who’s a stand out among all the characters the series has introduced. Tapion is practically tailor made for a fighting game like Fighter Z. Utilizing Arc System Works engine and fighting mechanics it’s hard to not picture Tapion dashing across screen slashing with his sword and offering some amazing cross ups, combo cancels and mid air attacks. When it comes to gameplay I can seen him playing like a mix of Zero from MvC3 and Ky Kiske from Guilty Gear or Jin in Blazblue.

For too long, you’ve fed on the misery of others. You stole from me everything precious and dear. But no more. It ends now.” -Tapion to Hirudegarn

With the announcement of Future Trunks being added to the roster, a team up of Tapion and Future Trunks would make the fanboy in me absolutely overwhelmed with joy. Everything about Tapion’s character makes him come across as likable and frankly badass, if Arc System Works and Bandai Namco want a roster that’s more diverse than just a collective assortment of Ki blast using fighters Tapion is the go to guy. His attacks in both the film and previous games he’s been apart of have always been more physical and weapon based, using his sword for almost all of his attacks they could add new features to keep his character exciting in a more faster paced setting like Fighter Z. Using his Ocarina to heal characters or give them a boost in strength could be one way make Tapion more valuable. Being able to use his sword as both a physical attack and Ki attack Tapion’s potential to be a solid honing character is even more increased. Having Tapion use his “Brave Slash” a Ki based sword slash would allow him to either distance or hone in on an opponent or at least open up potential keep away moments like Dante with with sword slash projectile in MvC3. However, with the announcement of Future Trunks being in the game their moveset might be a little too similar especially if Trunks is able to switch between Ki and Sword attacks with ease but seeing Tapion is still something I hope for be it initially or through any form of DLC.

This concludes part 1 of my Top 10 characters I’d like to see added into Dragon Ball Fighter Z. For more posts on Dragon Ball Fighter Z click here to see our breakdown of the game trailer and gameplay. Make sure to check back for Part 2 of this Top 10 list as there will be some familiar and random characters appearing on the list that might sound odd but assure you will fit perfectly. 


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