Future Trunks Joins the Dragon Ball Fighter Z!

Future Trunks Joins the Dragon Ball Fighter Z!


Man EVO 217 came and went with a ton of upsets and surprise comeback victories. It was certainly a sight to behold whether you were catching it on TV or on Twitch. I was mainly glued to my screen for Tekken 7 and Street Fighter 5 tournaments since I enjoy those games immensely and got a kick out of watching some high level play. Made me want to pick up the sticks myself and lay down the law online. After or during some of the tournaments there were some trailers that dropped showing off new content coming to the current or future fighting games. One of which that I was the most excited about was the Dragon Ball Fighter Z Future Trunks trailer.

I am up for anything that is Dragon Ball Fighter Z and this trailer was no exception. It was barely even a minute long in length but still had some worth to it. What we got was a sneak peek at the moveset of Dragon Ball Z’s Future Trunks. This is different from the Dragon Ball Super Future Trunks. The one we got was Trunks from the Android and Cell Saga. This means that he is rocking the midriff Capsule Corp coat and signature bowl cut with purple hair. For some of us at Pixelated Rampage, including myself, agree that this is the best move as it was the Trunks that we knew the best from watching Dragon Ball Z back in the day.

You know you’ve tried this

In the short trailer Future Trunks was putting in the work against everyone. We saw some flashy combos, mix-ups, and even some super moves. My favorite that was shown was the move that Trunks used against Frieza after he cut him up in pieces and then blew him up to dust. It was awesome to see that move in glorious 60FPS and in HD. It was almost like they took Future Trunks right out of the anime and put him into the game. I know that he’s had that move in previous DBZ fighting games but this time it looked even better. He just might have a spot on my team just for that move alone.  

2018 has never felt further away with the news the Future Trunks will be joining the roster of Dragon Ball Z Fighters. This is especially since they are successfully adapting characters from the anime and manga into a video game where you can create your own dream team of fighters. Future Trunks is no exception because he looks just as cool as anyone would remember him from the days of Dragon Ball Z. The people behind Arc Systems really did their homework and know their stuff. I find myself wanting to know who else is going to be added to the roster. Maybe they will add my main man Broly to the mix. I’d love to see him wreck the other fighters. Needless to say Dragon Ball Z Fighters just continues to make me excited about the upcoming release. Just remember to sign up for the open beta July 26th so you can catch the mighty hands of Big Papi. 

These hands in particular

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