Gaming with Steam: Games to Play When You Just Need a Pick Me Up

Gaming with Steam: Games to Play When You Just Need a Pick Me Up


By Vaughn Collins aka Big Papi


Welcome back to another edition of Gaming with Steam! I know that it has been a very long time since the last one came out. I am back now and excited to share some of my recommendations to the masses! This time I would like to recommend a few games that you could find on PC that will help you when you are having one of those days. You know, those days where you just don’t want to do anything but lounge around and game. Or you just want to relax after a very stressful day that you just had. The games on this list will help to not only pass the time but to also help lift your spirits. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the list!

1) Dead Cells

If you want a metroidvania, roguelike, platformer, with some pretty fast paced combat then look no further than Dead Cells. I play this game very frequently whenever I just need to relax and just chill. That is because Dead Cells always has something new to me with the random layouts of the dungeons that it offers on each playthrough. You will find new weapons, new blueprints, new subweapons, or even various health or strength upgrades as well. As you progress ,your stills will be be tested as the enemies hit harder and require more skill to take down. Not to mention the bosses that you encounter will require you to think on your feet and exploit every possible tool at your disposal.

That is pretty much the fun to Dead Cells. It is easy to get caught up in hours and hours of playtime just to get that “one perfect run”. You’ll want to try to further each time each time you die and have to start over again. Oh yeah, you will die because you will get smacked around by new foes because you haven’t learned the attack patterns of the various enemies. But, that is the charm of Dead Cells though. You get knocked down but you also get the drive to want to do better and have the penultimate run of all time. That’s why I can recommend it as a game to play when you need a pick me up.

2) Flinthook

Okay so this is the second roguelike game that I have on this list. What can I say, They are really growing on me. Flinthook is a very different kind of roguelike platformer than many of the others out there. You play this mysterious pirate with a ghost like mask on his face looting various other pirate vessels that just so happen to come across your path. You do this on your way to collect on the bounty of a wanted pirate.The main way to travel outside of running, jumping, and wall jumping is the use of a grappling hook. With this special hook you could zip to special hook rings spewn across each section of a map that just so happens to look very similar to Metroid games.Grappling around feels buttery smooth and helps traversing the vertical and horizontal plane extremely fun and practical. If you need more precision in throwing your hook or even shooting your gun, you have the ability to briefly slow down time. That means those jumps or stylish shots will now be easier to make. Plus it wouldn’t hurt to have a little flair.

Flinthook is not an easy game. Since each level or pirate ship is randomly generated each run you will have to adapt on the fly and to get to the end of the stage. You can also die very easily since you barely have any invincible frames after getting hit. What will aid in your survival will be the various shops that offer you random stat boots like more health or higher crit chance with your shots. Also outside of the levels you could level up to unlock permanent boosts to your character. Flinthook in the end is a fun diversion because how the gameplay feels just right. It just feels amazing to get a chain of hook shots just right!

3) OverwatchOkay I know what you are thinking. Everyone talks about Overwatch until they are blue in the face. Well that is because it is actually a very solid game. With all the patches and balancing that has been going on since launch Overwatch has become a juggernaut in the FPS genre. There are just so many colorful and vibrant characters to fit anyone’s playstyle. It is it’s main charm and what makes it so gosh darn charming to pick up and play whenever you’d like. There are also various modes to play as well such as Quick Play, Arcade and Ranked.

Arcade mode is my recommendation since each week new modes are added to the selection. I highly recommend the gamemode Mayhem because every cooldown and ultimate is severely reduced. Also health is boosted up as well to extremely high numbers which means that everyone has just a tad bit more survivability on top of literally everything exploding. In the end what you get with Overwatch is a quick fix for whenever you need some downtime. You can get in some casual, competitive, or chaos play based off your mood. You can even learn how to play a hero that you are interested in. No matter what you choose, hours will pass and you will just have a blast.

4) Diablo 3To be completely honest I have never played any of the previous Diablo games. So when I picked this up over 5 years ago I had no idea what I was getting into. Not a single clue as to what the story was even about, who the important characters are, or how the game even played. Luckily for me none of that really mattered because I got carried by the majority of my friends who so kindly helped me get gear and brought me to end game. All these years later after multiple patches, Blizzard introduced Seasons to Diablo 3. This means that you could participate in creating a Seasonal character that has access to random bounties, Rifts, and Greater Rifts.

This expanded the replayability by an immense amount because now your random loot drops actually could be used to test your skills in the randomly generated Rifts and Greater Rifts. It also makes you want to pick up a class that you like the best and then find one of the new set items that allows you to clear entire rooms in an instant. It is a very fun way to just pass the time either by yourself, with friends, or with the public. Time can just fly by when relying on the RNG (Random Number Generator) to drop the right piece of armor or weapon that you need to complete your build.

5) WarframeAlright I might be a little biased in recommending this game considering at this time I have 893 hours logged into Warframe because I have been playing since Alpha. I mean how could you not want to play a game where you are a “space ninja” running and jumping across the various locations collecting mods and other materials. There is also a very interesting story that  that Warframe has to offer if you decide to take on the story missions. If you just want to mess around and pick your frame which houses some very unique abilities, there are a bunchof missions to choose from that will satisfy you. You could run a defense, survival, mobile defense, sabatoge, spy, capture, or exterminate mission. Each type of mission varies from planet to planet which means that you will be fighting one of the 3 warring factions.

The Warframes like I mentioned before have some very unique abilities that fits to any and every playstyle that you could ever want. Do you want to be a healer? Why not give the Trinity Warframe a try. Want to be an unstoppable tank? Pick up the Rhino and pretty muich nothing will stop you. How about a sneaky character? Loki is right up your alley as the resident invisible ninja class. Each frame provids you with such diversity you will want to farm to get all of them. Not to mention all of the cool weapons that range from shotguns to bows. It is a blast to test your skills running on walls while shooting and also pulling off some crazy Warframe ability. It also helps that Warframe is completely  free to play so why not pick it up and just relax with some space ninjas?


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