What’s Next for Overwatch?

What’s Next for Overwatch?


As of the most recent Developer Update for Overwatch (August 10, 2017), the devs just dropped some pretty big news for the game. Overwatch in the near future will get a Deathmatch game mode. That is pretty odd considering that entire game is based off of teamwork. The modes to come will be just your standard Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch with kill counts of 20 and 30 respectively. It will be a new section in the Arcade option while playing Overwatch. That means you will be able to get those Arcade specific loot boxes as well. The Deathmatch modes will have their own special scoreboard to track your progress and everything. To accommodate this new mode the maps that are available in Overwatch will be tailored for all of the carnage including some unique features such as jump pads. It sounds interesting at best.

To be honest, I am both excited and also weary about the upcoming Deathmatch modes. I am excited because there is going to be a whole new game mode to play. That means I am going to find a whole new way to use my favorite heroes in cooperative and solo play. Also learning new maps to try to find choke points, areas to flank, and spawn locations can be pretty exciting as well. I am also very curious to see the many different team compositions that will be in play in Team Deathmatch. Will there be healers or will there be just tanks and Assault characters? Or maybe there will just be all Bastions sitting in various locations covering all angles making sure that the enemy team becomes incredibly salty and rage quits.

You can expect a ton of Bastion in Deathmatch

Speaking of rage quits, I can see it happening with greater frequency than in other matches in Overwatch. People getting killed over and over again in either the same way or a different way by that one crackshot will definitely make people want to rage quit. I hope there will be a hefty penalty for doing so. Another concern that I have for the new Deathmatches is the balancing for the rounds.Will the same hero be allowed to be picked multiple times or will it be single characters? Will you be able to swap heroes mid match to switch up team comp or solo play in regular Deathmatch? It is going to be something that I feel Blizzard will need to pay special attention to.

At the end of the day I am split right down the middle about this announcement Deathmatches coming to Overwatch. On one hand it is going to be a new and exciting mode coming to the game that will change only a small section of it. On the other hand, adding a Deathmatch option is fairly different from the overall dynamic of Overwatch objective based play. Yes it is only a small section of the Arcade mode I could see the focus shifting in the future based off of how popular Deathmatch could be. I could be completely wrong and the Deathmatch modes will be absolutely not bring Overwatch into the generic hero shooter gene. That being said my gut is telling me that Deathmatch will be just as fun as any other mode in Overwatch because the core game will not change. Deathmatches will be available in the PTR of the game. Try to find me on PC so you can catch a helix rocket to the face from Soldier 76!

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