Call of Duty WWII Breakdown

Call of Duty WWII Breakdown


By Vaughn Collins aka Big Papi


It has been literal years since I have played a Call of Duty game. I think the last one I played was Black Ops 2 for stream and for that one I didn’t even play that for too long before I uninstalled it to make way for other games. When I heard that Call of Duty was going back to World War II again my first thought was “I guess they are running out future ideas and is going back to the old staple of the second great war”. I was a little weary and then just took the game off my radar completely. I played for some time and was able to get a decent grasp of what the game is like so far. So here is a breakdown of what you need to know.


An example of one of the Divisions in game


This time around the classes are called Divisions which are essentially factions or specializations. Here are the ones that are currently available:

Infantry – Your standard assault class with a focus on all around effectiveness at almost any range. You have the ability to equip a bayonet to the end of your weapon which allows for a bayonet charge and gives extra range to your melee attack. You also have access to extra magazines for your weapons. You also move faster while aiming down sights.

Airborne – An SMG class with a focus on run and gun play-style. You have the option to toggle on and off a suppressor which when firing your main weapon you do not appear on the map. You could sprint longer and faster than normal. That also means that you could climb obstacles quicker as well.

Armored – The LMG Class which means you are the guy who just wants to spray and pray. You have access to a bipod for the LMG  which means it could be mounted onto either the ground or certain ledges for increased accuracy. On top of that you are immune to shell shock and tactical equipment meaning you can just take hits and ignore stuff like the dizziness that comes after an explosion nearby and claymores (At least from what I gathered but I could be wrong).  You also take less damage from explosions and fire.

Mountain – The sniper class which means this is the class that people will try to quick-scope people with for those Call of Duty montages. The ability to be invisible to enemy recon aircrafts while moving and also any player controlled killstreaks. You also have silent movements which means that people will not be able to hear your footsteps meaning you can be real sneaky. If you choose to be.

Expeditionary – For when you just want to take the fight to them and make it personal, the Shotgun class has incendiary shells which light people up and cause additional damage briefly. You able to select tactical and lethal equipment at the same time allowing for more crafty tactics. Also, you can throw equipment like grenades much faster as well and  you could also resupply said equipment from killed enemies.

As you play each class you can level them up to get access to a special weapon that is classified. This does provide an incentive to stick to a certain class. You could also mix and match weapons as well that you would like if you do not like the benefits that one class has over the other.

Basic Training (Perks)

One of the other ways you could customize your loadout is by picking Basic Training. These are the perks that are a mainstay in the Call of Duty franchise. I was not able to unlock all of the Basic Trainings as I was not able to level up all the way to unlock them all. So far the ones that I liked were Forage, Hustle, and Lookout. Forage gives you the ability to resupply bullets from killed enemies and swap weapons faster. Hustle lets you reload faster and you can even reload while sprinting. Lastly, Lookout lets enemies appear further away on the minimap in the corner of your screen while giving you increased mini-map coverage. You only get to pick one Basic Training so it is important to pick which one not only fits your play-style but also fits the weapon that you want to use.

Clean looking maps

Game Modes

The beta for Call of Duty WWII offered just a few modes for me to try out on just a handful of maps. The standard Team Deathmatch made a return to no surprise as it is one of the more popular modes. Domination, a capture and hold certain spots on the map to build up points for your team. A mode called hardpoint is added to the mix which is just Domination except the points that are needed to be captured move to a random location on the map after a certain amount of time has passed. Another mode called Mosh Pit takes all of the popular modes and put them into rotation to play with a larger group of people.

What really caught my interest was the War gametype. This was a mode where depending on if you are on the Allied or Axis team you will need to attack and defend a command post, a bridge, ammo supply, and anti air guns. If you are the the Allied team you would be on the attack. You have to first push to capture a command post, then capture a bridge for a tank, blow up the ammo supply cache, and then escort a tank to destroy the anti air guns. If you are killed in action  you spawn back almost instantly allowing you to get back into the fray. If you are on the Axis side you could construct barriers and mounted guns to aid in your defense of the various points. Death on the Axis side means you have a few seconds of a delay before you could respawn. The Allies could also destroy the objectives just as easily as they are built. I actually really liked this mode because it switched up the normal Call of Duty format. I was able to switch between classes on the fly to aid my team in any situation.

Looks good so far

Final Thoughts

I have to say, Call of Duty WWII did not “wow” me as much as I wanted it to. I was hoping that the formula would change from just spawn, run, twitch shoot, die, and respawn in a questionable location. Visually the game looked pretty amazing with the gritty World War II aesthetic. Felt like I was actually running through war torn areas about to get the jump on the enemy team. The War game type felt refreshing because it was actually something different to play as opposed to the usual Team Deathmatch and Domination. Other than that I wasn’t really impressed with what I played. It just seemed like any other Call of Duty game except it just went back to it’s roots of World War II. Yes, there are some interesting takes on how the perk system works with Basic Training and the Divisions but that is it really. The beta just confirmed to me at least that Call of Duty is just the same as it’s always been for years. I just can’t get behind it unless they roll out some kind of new modes to make the gameplay feel more exciting and involving. As of right now, I think I will be staying away from Call of Duty World War II for sure.



Side note: I would like to give a shout out to our sometimes friends and sometimes rivals Pixelated Knightmares for giving us access to the Call of Duty WWII beta. If you have some free time check them out!

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