Capcom’s Puzzle Fighter is making a pocket sized return.


By: Johnny Marcondes

Capcom’s Puzzle Fighter series is finally getting a new game, however this time around it won’t be on modern consoles per say but rather on mobile devices. Yes, we’re going to finally get a new Puzzle Fighter game but it’s going to be a mobile game and there’s also a face lift being done. Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo is this fan favorite and frankly adorable puzzle based game that utilizes “chibi” versions of Street Fighter and Darkstalkers characters. Truth be told this is one of my all time favorite games and also one of the first puzzle games I could remember a childhood me pumping numerous hours into. While Capcom has just announced the game, the development team over at Capcom Vancouver who were the team behind the Dead Rising games had this to say about the up coming mobile Fighter:

“We’ve invited many of your favorite Capcom characters to join the battle, creating Puzzle Fighter’s outstanding roster of legendary characters and stages from popular Capcom franchises. One of the most exciting things for us has been being able to play with all the best toys in the Capcom Tickle Trunk (toy chest for you non-Canadians). We’ve been able to bring together fan favorite characters like Ryu, Ken and Chun-Li from Street Fighter, X from the Mega Man series, Morrigan of Darkstalkers fame and of course Frank West and Chuck Greene from our own Dead Rising games. All of those classic Capcom characters and more come to life with voice overs and cinematic special moves.

As a player you’ll pick one main character, each with their own strengths and benefits, to step into the ring. In addition you’ll have two assist characters that will enhance the abilities of your main. We’ve aimed for simple yet highly addictive puzzle action where you will strategically build up gems and destroy them to unleash epic combos that can knock out their opponent. We’re especially excited that we’ve been able to create real time player versus player gameplay on mobile devices, bringing all the action head to head Puzzle Fighter on the go.”

The inclusion of assist characters is something that’s completely brand new to the series and honestly if I were to see this trailer and not know it was a Puzzle Fighter game, I’d assume it were some kind of up coming Pixar inspired MvC game. Nevertheless the teaser trailer is fairly solid, there isn’t any form of gameplay being showed but seeing the new character models was nice even if some designs were hit and miss. Morrigan looks great in her new rendition and very childlike which adds to the overall feel of the game, but the whole trailer was done in one big freeze frame which gives us nothing to go by. Under the games official YouTube channel they released ┬ápromo video which gives us a better look at the gameplay and design. Some characters do look nice but other characters like Ken have it rough and look like a big chinned bobblehead.

Puzzle Fighter has such a loyal fan base and upon hearing of a new game all I felt was immediate satisfaction. Personally speaking I have so many fond memories of the game and it’s a game I frequent yearly to this day. Although we won’t be seeing a new Puzzle Fighter release on consoles, the fact we’re getting one at all is good enough even if it’s going to just be a mobile game. From the promo video we see some of the other characters unlocked like Dan and Dante from Devil May Cry as well as a few costume unlockables. Seeing the menu, character unlock screen and more this Puzzle Fighter definitely feels like a mobile game. From the art style that abandons the hand drawn chibi art and chibi sprites for a more rounder and modern take on the chibi influence to the way you unlock characters everything just screams modern mobile game. It isn’t bad per say but sure is different to the series.

There isn’t any official release date yet or price tag on it, the only known thing at the moment is that it’s slated for a 2017 release. Those who will be attending PAX West in Seattle this weekend, you’ll have a chance to see Puzzle Fighter in person at the Capcom Booth. As the weekend comes and more information circuits we’ll come back and update the post.

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