Day 3 Pax West 2017 Recap!

Day 3 Pax West 2017 Recap!


By Vaughn Collins aka Big Papi


Day 3 of Pax has come to a close. Fatigue has set in, my feet and legs are aching. I must go on as there is just one more day of Pax West to go. On the more up beat side of the fence I did get to play some more new and fantastic games. Some of them I didn’t even know they existed. Others I wanted to play in previous days but couldn’t be the line was insane. The more new and exciting games I play the harder it is to pick just 3 for the day. Once again though I must prevail! Check out my top 3 games of the 3rd day of Pax West!


I walked past this booth multiple times and had no idea this game was even at Pax. Since today the crowds were getting smaller I happened to glance over and see this little polygonal isomorphic fox dodge rolling and cutting down various blobs like enemies. So I hopped online to play. While looking at the controls I noticed that everything was in some made up language. Even the instructions on sign posts in game were in this strange language. I had to figure out on the go which direction I needed to travel.

Normally I would be annoyed at something like this but Tunic looked so freaking gorgeous. The shadading and shadows alone really makes the colorful world stand out. Even the combat felt smooth as you are able to block, dodge roll, and attack based off of enemy tells. I couldn’t get any more information on this game at the booth as all of the devs were gone or at lunch. All I know is the the Tunic is going to be released sometime next year on Steam and I am excited!

A-Way Journey to the Unexpected 

This was another game that I did not see at first glance. I happened to come across it at the Indie Mega booth where there was a very little wait time. The tagline was “first person feel good RPG where your main objective is to explore the world to make new friends to help you save it”. So I decided to take my chances and start playing. The opening cinematic was something out of an anime. The whole main protagonist looking out in this new exciting world. People who could be either your friends or allies staring off all cool and even fighting. I loved every second of it. Sadly that had to be cut short in order to get the game going. A-Way had a cartoony kind of look with bright colors oozing out of every nook and cranny. Also each character you come across looks like they are straight up out of either a children’s book or cartoon and move like old school RPG characters. You know, when they move up and down in place. The whole thing just seemed so charming and enjoyable as I ran and jumped around.

Combat was interesting as you could borrow the powers of the friends you come across to aid you. For example, I found a an old wizard who has cracked glasses so I was able to shoot projectiles while I still had energy while my screen had cracks all in it. I thought it was a nice touch and added some more depth to the game. In the end I am excited to see more of A-Way next year when it releases on Nintendo Switch, Steam, PS4, and Xbone next year.

Middle Earth Shadow of War

This was the big one. I waited in line for this game for what felt like an eternity. Turns out I ended up being part of the last group to play for the day. Let me tell you, Shadow of War was worth the wait. The people running the booth hooked you up with pretty much every main ability you can have with 10 free skill points to assign at your leisure. You were then given 3 choices of what to do with your time playing. You could lay a seige to an outpost, explore the open world, or do a variety of missions.

Naturally I went to laying seige to an outpost. From here you get to pick out your orc generals and special perks they could bring to help even the odds in your seige. Once I decided I was off to war. Man let me tell you I have not felt like more of a badass leaping off high towers only to slowmo head shot enemy orc generals only to land and then perform a massive AOE fire blast. On top of that I was actively being tested on my reaction times to dodge incoming attacks, other generals showing up and taunting me, and making sure my generals stayed alive. All of this had to be maintained while capturing certain points in the outpost.

With a little guidance from the person manning the station I was at I was able to make it to the boss of the outpost. It was here that the guy at the station told me nobody has made it this far all of Pax so I’ll give you extra time. I did not want this to go to waste so I went into the throne like room and proceeded to just wreck the orc in change. Turns out he had a weakness to being shot in the head so I helped myself to a few free shots here and there. Once defeated I was able to hold my head up high as the guy at the station shook my hand and told me that I had accomplished something that nobody else has. Cool forward to picking up Middle Earth Shadow of War even more now on either PC, PS4, or Xbone later this year.


Fairly a long one today but there you have it. My 3 picks for day 3 of Pax West. I am saddened that there is only one more day left to Pax West but I know it’s going to end on a bang for me!

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