Dragon Ball FighterZ has an adorable lobby system.

Dragon Ball FighterZ has an adorable lobby system.


chibi avatars star down before their battle.

Dragon Ball FighterZ continues to be in the forefront of most talked about and anticipated video game this year and things just got a hell of a lot….cuter? Arc System Works, the development team behind FighterZ has shown off new images of their online lobby system, while previously known that FighterZ was going to follow in the footsteps of fellow Arc System Works game Guilty Gear in terms of aesthetics, I don’t think we were prepared for this. Arc System Works has previously used these chibi like characters in online lobbies but never quiet like this. In Guilty Gear the online lobby system lets you control a chibi faceless avatar who can walk, run, emote through preset commands and fish for in game items like character statues, color schemes for the avatar, new voice over taunts for characters and avatar items.

The online avatar in Guilty Gear was cute and definitely added a little charm to the game. Having a cute little avatar able to walk around and interact with things made waiting in a lobby a little less annoying a pretty fun as you can earn rewards. Guilty Gear’s avatar would be able to interact with others and when it came time to battle they would find the nearest Guilty Gear arcade cabinet and sit, it was a nice little touch that helped break the tension between bouts. While Guilty Gear introduced this idea it’s nice to see it taken a step forward with more detailed avatars and frankly having a chibi Frieza or Buu is too adorable to pass up.


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