Staff Picks: Big Fudge’s top picks for October releases

Staff Picks: Big Fudge’s top picks for October releases


By: Johnny Big Fudge Marcondes

October is going to be one of the best months for video game releases and a hell of a way to begin the closing months of 2017. During the October release window we’re going to get some of biggest AAA title releases of the year and after breaking down the list of games coming out I’ve hand selected my favorites in this months Staff Picks. Here are top 8 picks of games to be released within this month and why they’re games that you should keep an eye out for.

Forza Motorsport 7 (X Box One. X Box One X 10/3/2017)

Forza Motorsport 7 is set to be the biggest expansion within the games universe having over 700 cars and more than 200 different configurations and customization options for your dream car ready at launch. Not only is Forza Motorsport 7 the biggest in the series it’s easily one of the best looking racing games to hit a console. Running at 4k on Microsoft’s X Box One X and 1080p on standard Xbox One models, both versions of the game will see players racing through 32 different locations at 60 frames per second. Honestly speaking, growing up I was never a massive racing game fan and it was only well in my adult hood that I started playing them. The Forza series have had the biggest influence in my growing love of the genre and seeing the way the game has progressed has made me want to keep playing. I may not know a lot about cars but that doesn’t matter in Forza, when it comes to gameplay and content there aren’t many racing games that can compete. Microsoft has a lot riding on Forza as one of it’s prime titles that showcase both the consoles power and graphics. 60 FPS at 4K sounds immensely fun especially given the weather pattern changes and gorgeous graphics that Forza has been known for.

The Evil Within 2 (PC, PS4, XBONE. 10/13/2017)

It wouldn’t be October without a little bit of horror and The Evil Within 2 is going to be the perfect title to get you in the holiday spirits. There aren’t that many noteworthy horror games anymore and each year it seems we see less and less of them. However, The Evil Within is slowly becoming one of the best titles within that genre especially with the current gen of consoles. Focusing on quality over quantity The Evil Within games have this strong sense of narrative and immersive gameplay that really amps up the horror aspects of the game. Jump scares aren’t everything and dev team Tango Gameworks knows that. Combining this surreal like horror aspect with classic gore to create a visually impressive and creative take on a lot of familiar aspects. Frankly the first Evil Within was one of the best single player horror experiences I’ve had in quite sometime where everything you did felt as if it had purpose. There’s no run and gun within the game, most of the times the build up and navigating through a level is scarier than anything else. Using stealth in a more effective manner made the first game more memorable. Each level felt fully thought out and the monsters you encountered all felt original, there was this grunge like aspect to the game had a unique charm and at times felt like a love letter to horror game fans. The Evil Within 2 builds on that proves the old trope true, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Assassins Creed Origin’s (PS4, X Box One, PC 10/27/2017)

Assassins Creed Origins is coming out soon and for the first time in quite some time a lot of people are genuinely excited. Exploring ancient Egypt with one of the biggest maps in the series history Origins has so many new features that for the first time Assassins Creed feels new again. The Assassins Creed series has been one of those gaming franchises that became really saturated due to yearly releases. Year after year we were given a new Assassins Creed game and while they’ve all been enjoyable and honestly there hasn’t been a really bad game in the series, it was beginning to become a little overwhelming. Like any game that gets pumped out year after year a lot of the times there are minimal additions that separate them. Ubisoft decided to put a halt on yearly releases to really help develop the series and make sure that each launch had a more attention to detail aspect which really shined through when the game debuted at E3 this year. Assassins Creed Origins follows the same path as the last two Assassins Creed games and completely refines it’s self and what makes the series great.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole (PC, XBONE, PS4 10/17/2017)

Personally, this is the game that I am most excited for to come out this year. Following up their last title The Stick Of Truth, South Park returns with a new RPG in The Fractured But Whole. Before breaking down the game it should be noted that unlike the Stick Of Truth this time the game won’t be developed by Obsidian Entertainment but Ubisoft San Francisco. Even though Obsidian is no longer developing the series, judging from numerous gameplay videos and interviews it’s safe to say that Ubisoft San Francisco has continued to push the game in the right direction and many who have played it claim that it’s pretty hard to tell the difference. The Stick Of Truth was one of the funniest single player experiences I have ever had, throughout the game I found myself constantly laughing and the game never felt as if it were bombarding me with jokes.

The Fractured But Whole continues to prove that South Park is still very much funny and relevant as Ubisoft perfectly captures the characters and their personalities. Being the new kid in town gives you a completely new perspective on familiar characters and really makes you feel as if you belong in that word. Who would have thought that South Park would put out some of the best turn based RPG games in quite some time? Trey Parker and Matt Stone return as the games writers and it’s pretty obvious that they aim to push things even further than they did with the Stick Of Truth (who can forget that quick time moment involving gnomes and your parents?).

WWE 2K18 (PC, PS4, XBONE 10/17/2017. Nintendo Switch Q4 2017)

Wrasslin fans are in for a treat that’s…Too Sweet. WWE 2K18 is the first in the series to be developed for current systems alone and won’t be available on previous systems at launch. Usually when WWE releases a game for it’s current gen like say the PS4 it’ll also release it for the previous (PS3) this time around the focus has been completely on current gens and it really shows. This is the most graphically impressive a WWE game has ever looked, from the lighting to the rendering and everything in between this is easily the best looking WWE game to date. Backed by one of the biggest rosters in any WWE game there are so many additions and improvements to the series that not only make it filled with content and fan service but also enough replayability that will want you going back for more. WWE 2k18 is stacked with content from new modes to newly added wrestlers in the roster, match types, video editing for your characters entrance to a completely revamped character creation system.

In fact WWE 2K18 may have the most in depth character creation system in any sports game that gives you complete control over every aspect of your superstar. The WWE games have long been my guilty pleasure, I admit that. Wrestling games in general just get to where I just can’t help but get them, the WWE games have been no exception. Initially I was planning on getting WWE 2k18 down the line due to the series being one of those yearly releases where not much is really updated, however after watching some of the videos showcasing the new features and upgraded mechanics it’s going to be a must have for any wrestling Sports Entertainment¬†fan.

Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo Switch 10/27/2017)

Super Mario Odyssey isn’t even out and already it’s pretty much set to be in the forefront of Game Of The Year for many people (which is impressive considering the impressive amount of great games we’ve had this year). This may be Mario’s most surreal adventure as for the very first time he leaves the familiar Mushroom Kingdom to show players that there are vastly different worlds within the Super Mario lore, worlds where Mario and friends aren’t the only human and realistic dinosaurs still roam free. Super Mario Odyssey is the first solo/main Mario game for the Switch and Nintendo isn’t hold any punches. Mario is back and seemingly stronger than ever as there are so many new features and familiar mechanics in Odyssey that long time fans and new comers can all agree look incredibly fun.

From various videos to images released there’s this almost nostalgic touch to the game that has elements of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy which really helps remind people of how much fun a main/solo Super Mario game is. Since the Launch of the Switch we’ve seen Mario race his friends in Mario Kart and even team up with an unlikely pairing in Rabbids for a XCOM like shooter, Nintendo clearly has big plans for Mario this year and it all starts with Mario Odyssey. Earlier this year I wrote a piece about Mario having been able grow and adapt through the times, and Nintendo continues this trend in Odyssey by giving him….nipples? Nevertheless Super Mario Odyssey is going to be one of the most hands on and creative Mario games to date and I’m beyond excited.

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