Star Wars Battlefront II Beta Breakdown

Star Wars Battlefront II Beta Breakdown


by Vaughn “Big Papi” Collins


Full disclosure, I had forgotten all about the Star Wars Battlefront series. I pretty much gave up on it after the massive disappointment of Star Wars Battlefront released in 2015. Yes, it looked amazing and actually controlled very well but that wasn’t enough to save that game. With only a few maps and far too much emphasis on buying the season pass for new maps or modes, I couldn’t keep interested. Now with it’s sequel on the horizon, Star Wars Battlefront II hopes to keep the franchise alive by drastically improving on the formula. I will admit, I was very skeptical when the trailer dropped for this a while back. Now with Star Wars Battlefront II beta out I now have a chance to see what this game might be shaping up too. Here are just a few things that I was able to come across while playing on the PS4 version.

The Gametypes


The beta of Star Wars Battlefront 2 only have a few modes to offer. The first being Galactic Assault mode which is a large scale battle on the planet Naboo. Here you will play on the side of the Rebellion as a clone trooper or one Separatist droids. The droids are trying to make their way to a stronghold for the rebellion by escorting a massive battle cruiser tank thing. While the clone army is trying to prevent them by damaging that massive tank. This mode is offers the biggest player count  on the map.Unfortunately that was the only mode to play but that is mainly due to it being a beta and all.

The second mode is called Starfighter Assault on Fondor. If the name wasn’t an indicator at all, this is the space battle section of the Star Wars Battlefront II beta. Here is where you’ll be able take control of some of the iconic ships out there like the X-Wing or a TIE- Fighter. The space map is actually bigger than expected and is extremely fast paced. You have to either destroy the ships and shield generators of Federation or prevent the Rebels from doing so. I am not a big fan of vehicle sections  in shooters but this mode actually took me by surprise as it was a lot of fun.

Next mode is the Strike Mode which is pretty much just an instanced game type on Maz Kanta’s castle on Takonda. What you will have to do is that if you are part of the First Order is to obtain an artifact and escort it to a ship. If you are part of the Rebellion you will have to defend it at all cost. This is the smallest map set by far with the smallest player count. You will have to navigate a small beach, some hills, and a temple to try to either capture or defend the artifact. This was my favorite mode to play because it was intimate and allowed for faster gameplay. I definitely enjoyed this the most.

Lastly Arcade mode is the mode that I played the least of. This is where you will have to face certain challenges either by yourself or with a friend locally. One of the modes  that I played was just to defeat a certain amount of Clone Troopers in a time limit. Once you start killing a countdown will begin and you will have to keep killing to try to increase your time. So a death will really set you back if you are not careful enough. Another was to defeat an entire clone army. It was a pretty fun distraction to play after I kept getting killed over and over again.


For the most part Star Wars Battlefront II plays like any other first person or third person shooter. The only difference is that you can toggle between the two settings. At default you will start in first person which I recommend because you are more involved in the action. What makes Star Wars Battlefront II stand out far above its predecessor is that now all of your abilities are not card based and are just on a cool down. Each ability is different per class that tailors specifically toward them. For example, the Assault class will have grenades, a scanning dart that will ping enemies in that area, and a close range shotgun. These abilities complement each class extremely well and you will need to use them at just the right  time if you want to survive. You will also have the option to equip special battle cards that you unlock through crates that you get from playing. These cards could potentially unlock new abilities or even alter the cooldown or other abilities. It is a great incentive to keep playing to try to unlock new and exciting cards and abilities.

While in performing various actions in the game you will start to acquire battle points. This in the in match currency that is used to purchase certain characters or ships that you could use to help your team win. You get points for kills, assists, and aiding in the mission. Also your points don’t deteriorate as well so you could hord them until you save up to buy that one special character or ship that you really want. The big thing to save up for are the heroes. The beta allows you to play as special hero characters such as Darth Maul, Rey, and Boba Fett. They cost around 5,000 points so you will have to get out there and rack up the points.

Unlock enough points to play as one of the coolest characters in Star Wars!

The controls at first feel a little stiff and clunky but you have plenty of options to adjust to your playstyle. For me I had to bump the sensitivity up a good amount in order to even hit some enemies. Once you get the feel of how the game controls you will be running around the map shooting people with your lasers with pinpoint accuracy. What I thought was a neat addition that I didn’t know about until I saw someone doing it was that you could roll. Now that doesn’t sound so exciting at first, but rolling to get out of the line of fire and into some cover is really amazing. It allowed me to let my health regen and then go on the offensive. That being said you could only roll a few times until you run out of stamina. You will know if your character starts to breathe heavily. It is little additions like this that made Star Wars Battlefront II actually feel like a whole new game.

While playing Star Wars Battlefront II I couldn’t even believe that on a PS4 the game would feel and look so amazing. It was a buttery smooth 60fps throughout and I experienced almost no lag whatsoever or screen tearing. That is relatively impressive since it is only a beta so far. The details alone is enough to be lost in the game. I actually spent some time just wandering around the Naboo map watching the birds fly, crowds flee, and noticing the architecture. Even in the space sections the ships flying around are incredibly detailed and fly with such finesse that it is nothing but exceptional. As of right now. Since this is only the beta, I can only imagine how it will look once the final touches are made.

Final Thoughts

I went into Star Wars Battlefront II being  completely  unenthused. I didn’t even care much for it at all and would have just passed it by. After spending some quality time with the beta I actually found some enjoyment from it. I was blown away with how amazing it looked on the PS4. The controls aren’t all that bad even in the spaceship flying sections. The modes available seem to be actually well thought out and will have something for everyone. Even the battle point system is pretty unique because it actually makes you go out there and try to unlock that one hero you want to play. There is a bunch of good stuff going for Star Wars Battlefront II that I am actually interested in. I hate to say it but I might actually have to pick up this game in the future. That is saying a lot from someone who wasn’t interested in the series  at all.


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