Kickstarter Highlight: Flynn: Son Of Crimson edition

Kickstarter Highlight: Flynn: Son Of Crimson edition


By: Johnny Marcondes

As someone who genuinely loves indie games, I’m constantly browsing the market place on PSN, Steam and the X Box One along with Kickstarter for some the best indie stand outs I can find. Kickstarter has easily become one of the best places to find some of the most creative and original indie games to date. The fan support for some these games alone are so immense that seeing a game achieve their financial goal is one of the most rewarding and endearing feelings you can get. Indie games are one of the purest forms of gaming today, it’s where you feel a genuine love of gaming emerge from both the developers and the fans. Indie games embody everything that I personally love about gaming and they constantly remind me of why I love to game so much.

From creative titles that challenge you to rethink what you may know about a genre to obscure games that come out of nowhere and capture your imagination or trigger an emotion from you, there’s just something so special about indie games that you can’t get out of a AAA title. Indie games may not have the biggest budgets, but they definitely have some of biggest hearts in the industry. Whenever it comes to indie games there’s this certain charm to them that stands out and Flynn: Son Of Crimson has become a shining standout. When it comes to charm, uniqueness and standing out, Studio Thunderhorse have really done a great job bringing in a lot of classic and new elements to make Flynn: Son of Crimson feel both nostalgic and refreshing.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m a sucker for 2D platforming adventure games that have a Metroidvania element in them. The entire genre is a love letter to a lot of nostalgic titles that remind me of my childhood so whenever a new one pops up they almost immediately have my attention. Flynn: Son of Crimson may fall under that spectrum but at the end of the day it’s so much more than just another 2D platforming Metroidvania indie game. Flynn: Son of Crimson is the kind of game that comes across as confident as the title character and backs up every claim it makes with it’s strong art style and unique play style.

Flynn: Son of Crimson follows the main character of Flynn as he explores the world around and tries to uncover this nagging sense that something much more grand is in store for him. Set in the world of Rosantica where a war that lasted for decades known as the Great Conflict happened between two parallel worlds. With the two worlds known as the world of humanity and the world of the gods in constant conflict the Crimson Goddess Sorrell and Lord Zealock who kept the two worlds at peace are now torn.


During Flynns journey we’ll learn of his true purpose as well as why he’s no ordinary adventurer. As a character Flynn himself is able to wield four weapons giving him a wide range of motion allowing for numerously different ways to play the game. Having four weapons may seem a little limited but when it comes to utilizing them that’s where the game begins to show more of it’s potential. From playing it safe with a bow for distance attacks to a Crimson blade and Claws for close range attacks all the while effortlessly switching to his Axe for mid range power attacks. The switching between weapons aspect of the game is something that immediately caught my attention, seeing Flynn without hesitation switch between weapons and chain these incredibly fun looking combos together is something that’s going to be a highlight of the game.

Going around finding new enemy types is something that’s always fun in an platforming adventure game, however a lot of the times the combat becomes a little generic or dull when you’re set in basic attacks. Having the ability to switch between weapons mid attacks not only gives you the player numerous options to take an enemy down, but it makes it a lot more fun than just powering through an enemy with the same combos. As Flynn switches between weapons it starts to add new elements in the game, personally speaking when I play a Metroidvania game mid way through my playthrough the game begins to feel a little linear in terms of gameplay and combat. Having those weapons as well as some of Flynns other abilities will make each play through feel exciting and fresh again.

I won’t lie to you, one of the main reasons why I’ve become fairly obsessed with Flynn: Son of Crimson isn’t only because of it’s charm as a 2D platformer. It was mainly due to Flynn’s companion, a massive dog like majestic beast named Dex. Look at it, it’s simply adorable. Being able to ride this beast into battle are the things dreams are made of. Fanboying and jokes aside, elements like a companion and make Flynn more versatile and gives the game a much needed break from some it’s darker and more bleak moments. While the game may be filled with vivid character designs and charm, there are some grueling moments to be seen and fought through in Flynns adventure. Dex may be a shining light and reminder of the games more cuddlier side but at the end of the day the tale of Flynn isn’t as bright as Dex’s smile.

As Flynn progresses through the game’s story the truth about the Great Conflict comes to light. Flynn will have to take on evil itself as the land of the Gods is infected by the evil known as the Scourge. Every day the Scourge fills the lands with hatred turning the world darker. Through various dungeon crawls and boss battles Flynn’s world quickly shifts from bright to dark. With the world turning into madness and new enemy types challenging you both mentally with puzzles and physically with smartly timed attacks, Flynn: Son of Crimson has this exciting blend of nostalgic elements in gameplay and narrative with enough new concepts to tie over both older and younger gamers.

The more I see of Flynns adventures the more excited I am. As much as try to keep this post more professional I can’t help but let personal feelings intervene. I absolutely love everything about this game, from the creative use of weapons and designs to being able to tear open portals into new dimensions to find alternative ways around encounters. Flynn: Son of Crimson looks and feels like a love letter to many of the games that inspired me as kid to be more creative and I can’t wait to see more of the game.

Flynn: Son of Crimson has currently already reached it’s initial goal on Kickstarter and it’s easy to see why. Graphically speaking the game is absolutely gorgeous and really pops with it’s pixel art while backed by some incredible music. Since the game has already achieved it’s initial goal, that doesn’t mean Studio Thunderhorse is already through with the game. Currently the game is just shy of a little under five thousand dollars to add in a challenge mode to the game. While further additions would be nice, a challenge mode in something that could really help the game stand out with those who speed run titles or like to set high scores. With Flynns movements, enemies and weapons a survival mode and boss rush mode sounds too good to pass up.

Click here to head over to Flynn’s Kickstarter page to check out the latest updates and news. Make sure to check out Studio Thunderhorse’s twitter for further updates as well.

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