Gaming with Steam: Plains of Eidolon Warframe Update Edition

Gaming with Steam: Plains of Eidolon Warframe Update Edition


by Vaughn “Big Papi” Collins

Time to Patrol

The long awaited big update for Warfame has finally gone live this past weekend. Actually it came out on October 12th. The big update is named The Plains of Eidolon. To put it simply, this update now adds an open world element to Warframe. It also added a ton of new mission types, weapons, armor, skins, mods, some more story elements, and more importantly a new frame. I have been playing it almost nonstop since release and I in love the new changes. The devs behind Warframe have really outdone themselves. After playing for hours on end I want to just highlight just a few key things that should be taken note of in the big update.

The New Frame

She looks awesome

The new kid on the block in Warframe is a female frame called Gara. Not to be confused with the master of sand from Naruto (Yes, I went there). Gara is a Warframe able to use and manipulate glass to decimate her foes.  Playing her is very interesting to say the least due to her unique set of abilities. You can obtain the Gara frame through the quest Saya’s Vigil on Earth at the node Cetus. Currently I am having a ton of fun playing with her and trying new mod set ups.  Here is a quick rundown of her abilities.

Passive – Whenever Gara is in direct light; there is a chance that foes will experience a radial blind. This means that while in the sun or in ship light, some people will become dazed opening them up to finishers for some massive damage.

Shattered Lash – This ability could be casted instantly to be shot out at enemies for piercing damage. It could be held upon casting to perform a sweeping attack that will rag doll the enemies hit.

Splinter Storm – Gara’s glass armor will break and will glass will swarm either around her, enemy, teammate, or objective with the glass shards dealing damage to whatever foe comes in contact with it. If casted on self or a teammate you will receive damage reduction. If casted on foes it has the potential to increase the damage given as well.

Spectrorage – This ability casts a circle of mirrors around an area that will trap enemies and have them attack those mirrors while rotating. The mirrors will reflect damage back and then once their health is depleted will explode and deal massive damage to anyone caught inside.

Mass Vitrify – This is Gara’s fourth and ultimate ability in which she can create an outward expanding glass wall with her being in the center. Any foe that just happens to walk in while it is being casted will be coated in glass and will be frozen. The glass wall is only 4 meters high so foes will be able to jump over it or shoot under it if casted over a ledge.  That being said, any foe will be not be able to walk through the glass wall and cannot shoot through it. This ability could be destroyed with Shattered Lash so that it explodes outward to deal damage. While casting Mass Vitrify you will become invulnerable.


Rundown on The Plains of Eidolon

So pretty

Okay, there is a ton of stuff to talk about with this new update. I went in completely blind just allowing myself to be immersed in the update. First step to find out where to go to experience all of the new content is to go to the Earth node and select Cetus. It is here that you will be shown a beautiful cut scene of what the Earth’s surface looks like and where the people who live inside this pretty dense city. Inside the main gates of Cetus you can find various vendors that will assist you on your journey out into the plains. In this hub world you can trade the items that you find out on the surface for faction standing for the Ostron (the group of people living in Cetus). The standing earned could then be traded for various items such as weapon parts, cosmetics, or other gear.

One of the many vendors you could talk to

The best way to gain Ostron Standing is to run bounties. An NPC called Konzu at the edge of Cetus will provide you with a set five bounties of varying enemy level. Upon completing the bounty you will be rewarded with various mods, endo, crafting materials, or even a blueprint part to build the Gara frame. These refresh every two hours so you can just keep running them until your heart is content. Some of the missions that you encounter on the bounties would be something like assassinations, escorting a drones, or capture missions. There are plenty of other variations of bounties that appear but they come at random as you begin to work them. In order to complete the bounty you will need to finish a certain amount of stages. The harder the bounty the more stages are needed to complete the bounty. That being said the harder the bounty is the more you will be rewarded. If you are able to complete the hardest bounty you have a chance of getting some of the rarest materials or even a coveted Set Mod which is new to Warframe.

So many options

One other NPC you come into contact with is a man called Quills. You find him hidden off in a corner of Cetus that only your operator could get into. Here you could buy armor or weapons for your Tenno Operator. Man he has some pretty sweet gear. You can even customize your weapons or even just build them from scratch from various blueprints you can obtain. From Quills you could also learn how to delve deeper into the new revamped Focus 2.0 system.  I didn’t get to find the guy after a few hours of playing until I was trying to figure out how to upgrade my focus skills. I just wish I had learned this sooner because now you are able to use the special abilities for your Operator depending on what school you pick.

Now, it is time that I talk about something that I have been neglecting to mention from the start. By now if you have seen anything remotely related to the Plains of Eidolon update you are probably wondering who that hulking behemoth of a monster that is just stomping around the plains of Earth. Those beings are called Eidolons and yes they can be defeated. The Eidolons only appear at night after seeing a large beam of light appears in the plains of Earth and then the Eidolon starts to emerge from the ground. At first glance they can be pretty intimidating since they cannot be damaged by normal means. In order defeat and Eidolon you will have to use your Operator and blast various weak points on the Eidolon’s body to get rid of its shield. Once the shields are depleted you just need to unload on it until it releases a massive area of effect attack and teleports away to heal. From there now it becomes a hunt to find it again. Just look for a bright beam of light and a loud yell to start the fight over again until it is defeated. On paper it sounds easy to defeat an Eidolon, until you are constantly running from the massive homing lasers, blasts, and drones that will come to it’s aid. The fight is also a test of endurance because you will need to hurt the being with everything you got as they have a massive health pool. Once defeating them you get the materials needed to advance your focus skill tree and even create some new weapons.


Final Thoughts

I have always been a huge fan of Warframe. If anyone is friends with me on Steam they could tell you that if I’m on I am probably playing Warframe. So when The Plains of Eidolon update rolled out I was more than excited to play it. The update brought about a ton of new changes that will bring about many of newcomers to Warframe. The new frame called Gara is certainly  fun to play and customize as I see fit. The bounties will definitely keep me and any other player new or old occupied for quite some time. Even the new weapons and armor is worth  working toward because they look so amazing. To top it all off, the massive Eidolons that roam  across the plains is a well welcomed challenge. Eventually when I am geared up enough to take  one down comfortably I’ll become a terror of the Plains of Eidolon. I honestly can’t think of any negatives to this update only that I will have to wait for stuff to build. Lucky for me I have plenty of bounties to keep me occupied. Expect to hear a ton of more information from me in the coming weeks! 

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