Hooked on Destiny 2

Hooked on Destiny 2


by Vaughn “Big Papi” Collins

Flaming Gun!

I think it is about time that I come clean with everyone. I  have a bit of an addiction to Destiny 2 that just came out on PC recently. I have been playing it almost non stop on my computer to the point where I have even started to make progress on a second character. I have played through the main campaign and starting to delve into everything else Destiny 2 has to offer and then some. Even still there are plenty of secrets and quests that I have not found yet. I am very eager to find out what else the game has in store for me. So please allow me to share  some of things that Destiny 2 has to offer that has kept me hooked across the past week.

That Frame Rate/Graphics

Oh mercy me Destiny 2 on PC runs at a buttery smooth frame rate. My PC is a few years old with a GTX 970 graphics card and I am able to run the game on almost the  highest settings with everything at ease. I only had a little bit of frame rate dips when there were a ton of things exploding in front of me. Other than that I was just in awe about how absolutely smooth and crisp Destiny 2 played. With that being said, I am usually not a snob about these kinds of things because I don’t really care about frames and what not when I’m gaming. I just care that the game that I am playing runs, doesn’t crash my PC, or just doesn’t even lag at all. I made an exception for Destiny 2 because the people at Bungie seemed to have built the game with PC in mind. I say this because there are times where the game just runs too well. I am getting over 60 frames per second on some occasions and that’s when I’m kicking some alien butt. That is saying something on an older rig like mine!

Ah…the Farm

With that frame rate in mind the graphics are the only thing to complement it. What I mean by this is that Destiny 2 is absolutely gorgeous. Each environment has their own unique look and feel to it that makes each planet stand out from each other. For example, the green planet Io have a weird greenish, light blue hue to it that makes the whole world pop. In comparison the multiple enemies that appear stand out in contrast allowing you to make a clear distinction between foe and background. Speaking of enemies, each bad guy looks just as threatening as they should with tons of detail on them. They also move with a sense of weight and fluidity like a normal being would move to either kill you or avoid being killed by you. Honestly it all looks fantastic and in my extensive play time I did not get bored of just patrolling the environments. I spent so much time just roaming through areas thinking that “I bet there is some kind of secret in there” or “I bet I could jump on that”. That hasn’t happened to me in a long time with gaming. It was refreshing that a world that looks so pretty would inspire me to just explore instead of just shoot, blow up, repeat.

The Loot

Let’s be real, RNG is a bit of a pain in loot driven games. Especially in games where you have to rely on loot dropping to increase your gear’s armor rating or just a better weapon. So you will have to end up farming what you think is the most lucrative mission over and over again to try to get that one special piece of armor or weapon. Destiny 2 follows that rule as well but drops are literally everywhere. The main draw to getting better gear in the game is to increase your Power Level. Increasing that level will allow you to do more damage, take more hits, and even get access to more content in the game. So increasing your power level is crucial. It helps that almost every encounter your come across in either a story quest, patrol, free roaming, or even in a side quest you will get some kind of sweet loot. Also each drop will most likely be a higher level than what you are currently wearing. This in turn means that getting to that power level you want is easier and less frustrating than ever. It was a big improvement over Destiny 1 as well because getting gear in that game was painful. This time around, Destiny 2 has your back in getting the best loot around at a quicker pace.

The Weapons

There are some very cool weapons going around in Destiny 2 to pick up along with new classifications to what slot is delegated to. What I mean by “what slot it is delegated to” is that you have kinetic weapons, energy weapons, and power weapons. Kinetic weapons are your bread and butter and your main damage dealing weapons by dealing just neutral damage to everything. Energy weapons on the other hand perform best when matched with their same type. The three main energy types are void, arc, and solar and they just serve as a way to burst down those pesky shields easily. Other than that, there aren’t any real benefits to using the energy weapons other than it’s a way to deal elemental damage or you run out of ammo for your kinetic weapon. Lastly your power weapons are the big guns. The weapons that fall into this category are rocket launchers, snipers, fusion rifles, and swords. Swords are easily my favorite of the bunch because I could zip around the battlefield slicing things up with a huge sword filled with some kind of energy obliterating everything.

I’m not even sure of what this is still

There are new weapon types going around in Destiny 2. These are submachine guns and grenade launchers. Submachine guns fit my overly aggressive playstyle well with its high rate of fire allowing you to burst down anything that comes your way. Grenade launchers on the other hand I’ve had mixed results with as they all are different. Some explode on a delay and some explode on contact. Either way, those new weapons gave me something new to work with to take down my foes. Honestly there is a ton of diversity in the game that allowed me to not have the same weapon set up over and over again. I am constantly on the move switching it up over and over again.

Final Thoughts

Like I stated before, I am in love with Destiny 2. I cannot stop playing it even after getting up to 259 Power Level in just under a week of playing  whenever I had free time. There are just a ton of stuff to do and plenty of activities to get loot to buff up your Power Level. Which means you will also see an increase in the weapon types allowing for very versatile gameplay. On top of all of that you will have a buttery smooth FPS if you choose to play it on PC. Destiny 2 is optimized extremely well and just feels like a blast to play. I cannot stress it enough how much fun that I am currently having with Destiny 2. I can foresee myself playing the game for quite some time just like I did with Destiny 1. Pick up a copy today on PC today!

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