The Hype Lives for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

The Hype Lives for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon


by Vaughn “Big Papi” Collins


I have to be honest, I was starting to lose interest in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. There have been random amounts of news dropping in and out over the past few months that have either made me interested or just go “meh”. But that all changed when Nintendo just recently dropped a big trailer that completely brought me back onto the hype train. I mean, you just have to watch it? If not I have it linked here. If you can’t watch it because you are at work or you forgot your headphones allow me to break down the key points of the trailer.


Team Rainbow Rocket

That’s right, Team Rocket from the first generation of Pokemon is back! The leader Giovanni is back except this time he has a bunch of new allies to mess up your day with the fancy name Team Rainbow Rocket. He now is working with every single leader from every single evil team from all 20 years of Pokemon. Every. Single. Team Leader. That is a ton of power to have to back you up. That means you will have to fight people like Maxie from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, Cryus from Diamond and Pearl, and even Lysandre from Pokemon X and Y. To be honest, that is quite a threat to come up against. It also turns out that these are the leaders of their respective teams that have accomplished their goals. Meaning that in their own universe they won. They beat you and managed to take over the world with Giovanni being the leader. This straight up confirms that there is a multiverse theory going on in the world of Pokemon. Which also means we will absolutely have some dimension hopping going on to try to stop Team Rainbow Rocket. I’m excited to put the hands on Giovanni again!


The Battle Agency 

Just look at those sunglasses

Shout out to all the battlers out there, this is going to be the mode for you. Here is where you could rent “powerful” Pokemon to do battle with. The more you win the more prizes you can get. It seems like a fancier hybrid of the Sun and Moon’s Battle Tree and the Pokemon Stadium Pokemon Rental features. You even get some fancy sunglasses to rock while you do battle. It really makes you wonder what kind of Pokemon you are allowed to rent. Seems like you can rent legendaries at will so I wonder what the limits are. What even are the prizes that you can get? It is hard not to get excited to put on your sweet shades on and lay down the law.

I’m gonna get them all

Legendary Pokemon

It turns out that in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon you can catch pretty much every single legendary Pokemon that has come out to date. You can catch the likes of Mewtwo, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Heatran, Lugia, Palkia, and the list goes on and on of 20 plus legendaries. That is 20 years of legendary Pokemon that you can catch in game using Ultra Wormholes to get to them. You could always trade for them but it looks like there is an option to just get them all in one game. That is honestly incredible and I can see myself and a ton of other people trying to find every single Ultra Wormhole to catch them all.



Look at how big he is!


Totem Pokemon

Lastly, there are these stickers called Totem Stickers that will be scattered all over Alola. If you collect enough of them you’ll be able to get massive Totem Pokemon to your team. That means that those difficult boss Pokemon that you have to fight at the end of a trial could be yours to fight with. That is a pretty sweet reward for a random collectable that could be on almost anything in Alola. I’m not even a collectable guy but if I could get a super strong Pokemon to just overpower a trainer I could collect a few stickers. The real question is are their stats buffed and do they have their unique special battle buffs as well? If so, this could change the meta.


Like I stated earlier, I was off an on excited about Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Now that this trailer has dropped my mind has been blown at how much content this game is going to have. It seems like Nintendo is really pulling out all the stops in this Pokemon game. This is probably the case because this will be the last Pokemon game to come out for the 3DS. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is looking like to be the  Pokemon game to play. With foes like Team Rainbow Rocket and their squad of past game evil team leaders, I could not be more excited to get my hand on the game. I want to just collect all those Totem Stickers to use on my quest to get all of the legendary Pokemon. On my down time I could just check out the Battle Agency to get in a few quick battles. Honestly, I really don’t think anyone should sleep on Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. It is going to be filled to the brim with content that is actually looking to be pretty awesome. Now could not be a better time to pick up a Pokemon game. If you do get it you could challenge me, the best Pokemon battler of Pixelated Rampage!

I’m ready to fight!