Lost Time With Destiny 2

Lost Time With Destiny 2


by Vaughn “Big Papi” Collins

I’ve been playing Destiny 2 nonstop since release. Admittedly, it has where I’ve disappeared to for the past couple of weeks. It has taken up so much of my time when I get home after a long day. I just cannot get enough of this game. Now that the initial hype has worn down and I’ve sunk hours upon hours of gameplay I now have a better understanding of how Destiny 2 works. Mainly because I’ve already reached the end of the content already for my three character slots. I’ve seen just about everything there is at this point just short of a few quests and exotics. At this point I’m just becoming a little burnt out in playing Destiny 2 unfortunately.

Puffy Coat Wizard


Loot is freaking everywhere in Destiny 2. I would take two steps, an engram pops out of nowhere for me to pick up.. Half the time it’ll be better than what I have equipped for armor or a weapon which  means I’ll probably end up breaking it down for weapon parts. This is almost the complete opposite problem from Destiny 1 because the loot in that game was almost abysmal. I could barely get anything to drop and had to rely on the various raids for gear. While in Destiny 2 all I need to do if find one of the many respawning chests in the world to pick up loot.

At first it is great because you could boost your power level up fairly quickly. You can get a ton of weapon parts to trade in for special engram weapons from the weaponsmith. Only when you get max level (which you will get to in no time if you play consistently) is where it becomes tiring when you see stuff getting thrown about everywhere. I know it sounds kind of like a minor thing to have a complaint about but if loot drops from every little thing and that loot doesn’t boost your gear reliably it only hinders that prize. It  goes “Oh sweet a blue or legendary engram” to “oh… another blue….maybe I’ll get a purple engram” much quicker than you think. It just kind of devalues the whole loot process if the game just hands everything to you.

The Grind Wall

Speaking of loot, once you start getting to the higher power levels the game suddenly becomes a bit more of a slog. That almost endless supply of loot drops start becoming weapon part fodder the more you play. This happens at about the 240 -250 power level mark. You might get lucky with a few legendary engrams here and there or even some high blue gear but those become extremely rare. You will get stuck eventually at a certain power level for quite some time. The majority of the time you will be stuck in some kind of power limbo as you run and gun in the field. Which means you will be grinding various events, missions, Crucible (the PvP), Nightfall, or Strikes to hope to get over that invisible wall.

In order to really give yourself a decent boost in level is to complete some of the quests that give you “Powerful Gear”. These are engrams that will be significantly higher than anything that you are currently wearing. From there you’ll be able to get the next set of higher gear to drop from regular which will allow you to increase your current gear with infusions or just out right replace it. The issue is you will rely on those two quests that are weekly to get a guaranteed legendary weapon or armor boost. For right now it is the only sure way to break that power wall. Which means that you will be playing once a week just to beat those quests. It kind shows that Destiny 2 gives you a false hope to think that you will get decent gear while you’ll just get stuck and random caps.

High Class Hunter

Actual Content

I know in a previous article I praised Destiny 2 on the amount of stuff to do in the game. Now at pretty much the current end game I could say there isn’t really much to do. Yes, I fully admit to back peddling but there just isn’t all that much going on in Destiny 2. Once you beat the incredibly short story mode and level up to 20 you just get a handful of end missions that result in getting legendary weapons which then lead into exotic weapon quests. There is even the Leviathan Raid to look forward too but that is about it. You could do some Adventures which are random side missions, patrols, public events, or Crucible matches. That’s about it. Granted the missions vary but it is all just one big grindfest that won’t really yield any decent results.

Yes, I am aware that you can say that for any other game that you have to grind to get good loot. The different is that those random grinding instances need to be fun and exciting to do rather than just monotonous. The main thing to do in Destiny 2 is check the weeklies, complete them, pray that you get good loot to level, then just do the same public events or random patrol to shoot  the bad guys over and over again. Yes, there is some variety in the Strikes and going to a planet to run patrols or adventures in the form of challenges to get tokens to redeem for rep which gets you legendary engrams. In the end it all just feeds into getting those tokens. Destiny 2 becomes the token grind fest that is pretty slow or fast depending on if you are working on the challenges that refresh  daily. It just drags on if you aren’t careful to switch it up.


What Now?

With all that said, I do not hate Destiny 2. I wouldn’t exactly say I’m in love with it anymore either. Right now I am in some sort of grew area with it. I’m still enjoying it thoroughly but only in short bursts right now. I’m just bored with long periods of time playing it because I now don’t have a goal to work towards. I’m not leveling up any character now because they all are max level. I just have to try to find better gear to get closer to the cap of 305 without doing the raid. After that, I just have to wait for the DLC for more content and hopefully a new power cap. Destiny 2 will always have a place in my rotation of games that I will play every now and then so I don’t miss out on any random events so I can keep up with being high light level. The enthusiasm I have for the game is draining fast but I assure you that I will not lose it entirely because it does feel good to play. It just makes it really easy for you to get bored shooting some bad guys in the face over and over again in the same public event that spawns in multiple locations in a map.

I guess I could keep working on my exotic collection