Big Papi’s Top 6 Core Favorite Pokemon from Pokemon Sun/Ultra Sun

Big Papi’s Top 6 Core Favorite Pokemon from Pokemon Sun/Ultra Sun


Thanksgiving weekend has come and gone and I have spent the majority of it playing Pokemon Ultra Sun. I have accumulated over 30 plus hours and I still have plenty more of the main story to get through not including the post game. Playing Ultra Sun made me think about playing the Pokemon Sun over a year ago and the Pokemon that helped me beat it. I had a great time discovering the new Pokemon that were native to Alola and helped carry me to greatness. I have carefully chosen 6 brave Pokemon that stuck with me until the very end as to which I am very thankful for. They truly are the cream of the crop!

6. Decidueye

Ah my starter Pokemon. I have to give a shout out to the first Pokemon on my journey to complete Pokemon Sun. As the final evolution of Rowlet it becomes a grass/ghost typing with a very cool unique move called Spirit Shackle. This move when hits an opposing Pokemon makes said mon not be able to switch out of flee. This could be great to use against those pesky Pokemon that like to run. It is also a fairly powerful move with 100% accuracy and 80 base power. Not to mention the stab bonus from Spirit Shackle being ghost type. I carried my Decidueye well into the endgame and he was on my main team even after the Elite 4 in Pokemon Sun.

5. Kommo – o

Let’s be real, dragon/fighting type is an incredible typing for a Pokemon. It also helps that this monster of a Pokemon looks like an absolute threat. Legit, I mean he is a hulking beast of a mon with huge arms and scales to boot with its own signature move called Clanging Scales. He is strong as a physical and special attacker as well which makes him versatile for almost any team. You can catch it’s pre evolved form Jangmo-o fairly late in the game and plus dragon types are notorious for leveling up. Although if you put the time into raising this beast of a Pokemon you have a serious threat on your squad like I did putting down almost anything that came in it’s path.

4. Lycanroc Day Form

To be fair this was kind of one of the flagship Pokemon for Sun and Moon. It even got a new form in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon with Lycanroc Dusk Form. The version I want to give credit for is Lycanroc Day Form. This dog Pokemon is extremely fast and very powerful. Surprisingly as a rock type Pokemon it is not very bulky which means you have to come in quick and put down the hurt hard. Lycanroc Day Form even has it’s own unique move called Accelerock which is a rock type quick attack that hits first. Bird Pokemon never stood a chance with a monster like him on my team. 

3. Incineroar

Okay I am not a wrestling fan but I absolutely love this Pokemon. Main man, Luchador, first/dark type, monster of a pokemon is one of my favorites out of the new Pokemon to be introduced out of Pokemon Sun and Moon. His signature move is called Darkest Lariat which has him spinning around closelinging Pokemon doing a ton of damage. His unique Z move is even better where he calls upon a wrestling ring with your trainer in the back cheering him on and giving him the okay to leap and do a flying press down on the poor fool on the mat. To be fair I almost called my Incineroar John Cena because no Pokemon ever saw him coming.

2. Alolan Muk

This bulky rainbow monstrosity has gotten me through some real tough battles due to it’s ability Poison Touch alone. That ability is whenever physical contact is made, there is a chance that it will poison the the opposing Pokemon. This will allow you to slowly whittle down the opposing Pokemon while Muk is a physical or special tank that also has a pretty high attack stat. On top of that it is also a poison/dark type which means it has access to moves such as Knock Off and Gunk Shot which are outstanding in their own rights. This versatile tank of Alolan Muk was difficult to obtain a nature that I was satisfied with but I absolutely loved having him on my team to help round it out to do some serious hurt.

1. Charjabug/Vikavolt

Yes I am including two Pokemon as my number 1 pick. That is because for a special attacker Charjabug and it’s evolution Vikavolt are surprisingly tanky and have a faily high physical attack stat. Early on Charjabug learns how to use a move called Acrobatics which is a flying move that does more damage if an item isn’t held. That move early on with the physical threat that is a bug/electric type is nearly unstoppable. I had a Charjabug until end game because of this alone and because I couldn’t’ figure out how to evolve it to a Vikavolt. Although once I did, it was a wrap for nearly everything that came it’s way. I had a variety of moves such as Crunch, Spark, Acrobatics, and X-Scissor that literally could almost one shot everything. I have a strong love for Charjabug and Vikavolt alike. I would not have been able to make it as far in Pokemon Sun and even Ultra Sun without them.




And there you have it!. My top six Pokemon from Pokemon Sun/Ultra Sun that I am thankful for getting me through the game. There were many more Pokemon to choose from as those games make  you constantly want to keep swapping out team members to best fit your situation. Those six mons that I picked ended up being the ones that I rotated in constantly due to their versatility in battles. I’m even using most of them in my current Ultra Sun playthrough now. I have to say Pokemon has gone through so many changes over the many years that it’s been around. These new additions or spins to the older Pokemon have been fantastic. I am thankful for them all helping me feel accomplished once I complete a major battle in any of the new Pokemon games. Until then, see you out on the battle field and challenge me! You know, the undisputed champ of Pokemon out of all the Pixelated Rampage crew. 

If you do battle me get ready for the beat down like this

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