Holiday Gift Guide – PC Edition

Holiday Gift Guide – PC Edition


by Vaughn “Big Papi” Collins

It’s that time of the year again where you try to find the perfect gift  for your friends and family. The hardest part is honestly trying to find the best deals so you don’t break the bank in doing so. This is where I come in. I am always looking for the best deals out there for almost everything that I could possibly want. With that said I”ve checked a couple of my go-to sites for some good deals on games out there for PC. I say games for PC because I know close to nothing about computer parts or things of that nature. I pretty much know how to make one work, some basic troubleshooting, and installation of programs. Trying to build a PC, I am no help to you unfortunately. Although I could save you some money this holiday season for gifting on PC. The time to save is now!

Humble Bundle  – NIS America Sale

First of all, Humble Bundle is absolutely amazing. You can buy a ton of great games for whatever price that you want if you choose to pick one of their bundles. If a bundle that is going on isn’t something that you are interested in then you could take a look at their own personal shop. Deals are almost going all the time in the shop as well. One of which to take notion of is the NIS America Sale that is going on where you could save about 60% max off of games from the publishers. One that I would recommend for anyone that loves challenging JRPGS would be Disgaea PC by NIS America. It is an extremely hard but very rewarding SRPG (Strategy RPG) that will certainly give you a run for your money.

Humble Bundle –  Yogscast Jingle Jam 2017 bundle

Speaking of bundles, Humble Bundle is doing a special all month long one with the Yogscast. Each day of December a new game unlocks. All you have to do is pay a base of $35 and you get every single game that comes out for the entire month of December up until Christmas. Some of the games are new and some of them are old but they all are great games in their own right. Games such as Garry’s Mod, Rust, and Guild Wars 2 are just some of the games that have been released already. There are still plenty of days left so you should hop on that and get you one.

Green Man Gaming

I absolutely love Green Man Gaming. They always have some of the best deals out there for a third party seller that is completely legit. They even have a free VIP program that all you have to do is create an account and you can get additional discounts or special sales applied to your purchase.Those discounts could apply to new games, pre-orders, or games that have been out for quite some time. Either way, if you go to Green Man Gaming you will find some sort of deal that will tempt you in one way or another. As of  right now I could recommend grabbing Cuphead and Nioh for 25% off once you become a member to their site. Honestly you can’t go wrong with those games because they both are amazing. If those don’t do it for you you could look at everything they have to offer and I’m sure you could stumble onto some kind of sale that you’d like.

Steam Winter Sale

Okay so it isn’t exactly live just yet. Nor has there been any clue as to when it is going to start, but the Steam Winter Sale is coming. Here you could buy almost every single game in the Steam library for a crazy amount off. Deals will be going on for every day for as long as the sale goes on so you will have some time to think about exactly what you want to get. The only issue is that you will have to wait until all of a sudden Steam’s homepage just has a ton of deals going off. It makes recommending things fairly difficult because who knows how much things will go on sale for. Either way, The Steam Winter Sale will be the best bet for all of  your Steam gaming you could ever want. I have spent more money in it that I would care to admit but I do have a ton of games that I don’t play because of it.

Wrap Up

And there you have it. Just a few suggestions from a fellow PC gamer on where to find some of the best deals out there. The issue is with PC gaming is that games are always off an on sales at irregular times. One week it could be discounted and the next it’s full price. It pays to keep an eye out for valid retailers that you could take advantage of their cheap deals. Humble Bundle and Green Man Gaming are certainly sites that any gamer should frequent because there is always something good. So, go out there and save some money!



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