Dragon Ball FighterZ new character reveals

Dragon Ball FighterZ new character reveals


The hype for Dragon Ball FighterZ is like nothing I’ve ever seen before, every time there’s a new announcement or footage shown the whole world collectively fills with joy and rightfully so. Dragon Ball FighterZ is one of the most anticipated games of 2018 and while we’re close to the games initial release date of January 26, news continues to pour out as we get new character reveals. With an already stacked and exciting roster of diverse fighters, fans are gonna be happy to know that the latest reveals of characters feature three fan favorites as well as a hint towards something greater. For the first time in the roster we get three characters that aren’t from the Z series but from the current Super series. Beerus the God of Destruction, the assassin Hit and Goku Black in his Super Saiyan Rose form all make their debut.

Goku Black in his Super Saiyan Rose form showing off some of his versatile attacks. Having his blade, scythe and an assisted special attack featuring Zamasu, Goku Black isn’t going to feel at all like a carbon copy of Goku. It’s a great addition to the roster and many fans are going to be beyond excited, I’m hoping that given his use of ki based weapons we’re going to get a solid mid range fighter out of Goku Black. Since Dragon Ball FighterZ does have a heavy Guilty Gear influence I’m personally hoping Goku Black plays like a mixture of Leo Whitefang and Axl Low. A combination of those two characters would really help Goku Black stand out as not only a straight forward striker at mid range but a master at playing keepaways which in a game like Dragon Ball FighterZ could make him an ideal member of any party.

Lord Beerus and the time skipping assassin Hit, what a great addition to the roster. Beerus was pretty expected to make the cut of the final roster either through initial launch or DLC given his role in the series and the reveal that SSGSSB Goku and Vegeta would be in the game. However, actually seeing his scans and attacks in the game made even an obvious choice feel amazing. Beerus is going to be one of those characters that everyone’s going to love to use, I can see some serious cross ups and hard hitting poweful blasts being up his alley. As the God of Destruction I can only imagine Beerus being a mix of speed and power that’ll rival anyone. Showing a little bit of his attacks in the scan it seems like Beerus has a powerful death beam like attack and ki based projectiles that’ll surround him forming a timed shield.

As for the time skipping assassin Hit he instantly has my attention. Anyone who’s been watching Dragon Ball Super knows that his use of time manipulation is for the lack of better words pretty awesome. Having that effect and ability in a fighting game could give us some pretty awesome looking visuals and cancels into combos. As a character I could see Hit becoming a fan favorite in tournaments as he could offer up some much needed openings and breathing room in the fast paced fighter where rush downs are the norm.

With the latest reveals in the roster comes some more questions. Since this is the first time we’ve seen characters from the Super series (excluding the SSGSSB forms of Goku and Vegeta) it’ll be interesting to see if we get more characters from that the Super series in the initial line up and if they have a role in the story mode. Every fan of Dragon Ball Z has their own mental checklist of characters they’d like to see make the cut in the game, while some fan favorites like Broly and Bojack aren’t considered canon the inclusion of them doesn’t seem impossible. Having characters from the Super series debut we could potentially find “canon” counterparts for a lot of fan favorites, looking at the current roster I’d love to see more classic tank/grapple characters.

Since Broly isn’t canon the inclusion of Super series character Kale in her berserk form could fill that void. While this is all speculation and hopes from a fan boy it will be nice to see more characters from the current series make a debut. Dragon Ball Super has a lot of diverse characters with some pretty interesting abilities so seeing them make the final cut through initial roster or DLC could help spread out some of the games more colorful cast. Fighting games are all about diverse characters, over the top specials, cool attacks and combos so personally speaking I’m all for more out there characters to debut. GIVE ME JACO!


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