Star Wars Black Series:  Darth Revan Review

Star Wars Black Series: Darth Revan Review


By Miguel Acuña


When you think of dedicated fan communities, few compare to the Star Wars fandom.  Due to the fans’ love for the franchise, we have helped Star Wars make their way into all forms of media.  Aside from the obvious success of the movies, the other greatest achievement of Star Wars has been their toy lines.  Originally in 3 ¾ inch scale, in 2013, Star Wars entered the toy wars with their Black Series line of figures.  Instantly, the toy line gained a huge fan base and still goes on strong today.  In 2015, Hasbro had a fan poll on who would be included in the upcoming wave of figures.  By a huge landslide, fans chose Darth Revan.  Darth Revan was from the now non-canonical Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic video game.  He has an insane story which could not be summed up in a single article, but trust me, it’s worth playing the game to find out more.  In a lot of ways, he seems to be an amalgamation of different things fans love from the Star Wars universe.  He’s a Sith (and Jedi), with badass Mandalorian armor, and wields two lightsabers.  Darth Revan is the epitome of fan-favorite and it’s wonderful that he got his due in this toy line.


Round One – Packaging & Accessories

Packaging – Unless you’re speaking of specific convention exclusives or a set of figures, all Black Series figures have the same packaging.  In the front, the boxed figure has a window which displays the figure prominently and includes art of the character in the corner.  The sides show off the number of the figure in the series and just gives a quick peek into the side view.  Finally, the back has a write up on the character.  The box is collector friendly and opens easily for either posing or display.  The plastic insert is removed with no problems and holds everything together.  A bit more art or something to help the packaging stand out more would have been appreciated, but there is an elegance to the simplicity of this design.  7/10

Accessories – Unfortunately, the Star Wars Black Series figures tend to be disappointing when it comes to accessories in comparison to other lines like Marvel Legends.  This, unfortunately, continues with Darth Revan.  His only accessories are impressive and key to his character, but beyond that, there’s nothing else offered.  Darth Revan comes with his signature two lightsabers, one red and one purple.  Both lightsabers have great detail to their hilts and each has a unique design.  While they are great weapons, the lightsabers are so iconic to any Jedi or Sith, it should be understood that this was non-negotiable when creating this figure.  While the figure does not lend itself to have many options for accessories, there are a few possibilities.  It would have been great if they could have included a force lightning bolt, alternate hands, or an alternate unmasked head.  4/10


Round Two – Paint, Sculpt, and Articulation

Paint –  The paint is minimal on this figure (that is predominately black) but where there is variance, it is done impeccably.  Beginning with his hood, Hasbro has used a matte finish so that the hood does not look like armor and instead resembles fabric. The most recognizable aspect of Revan, his helmet, is done carefully with a gunmetal and red paint.  There is also scratches of silver which give the impression of being battle worn, as it should be.  Across the torso and gauntlets, there’s a champagne bronze paint job which stands out against the black base.  The boot armor is done in a gunmetal silver.  The lines across the figure are clean and the detail in the paint can be appreciated in such areas as the belt loops and buttons on the lightsaber.  This figure is a great example of less being more.  8/10

Sculpt – Similar to the paint job, there isn’t a lot to work with but what is available has been done with great care.  The aforementioned hood extends to the shoulders and has folds sculpted in to give a more realistic fabric look.  The chest and arms have sculpted the lines of armor and fabric as well as detailed sculpt in the belts and straps.  The sash down the middle has a different style of sculpting which helps it distinguish it from anything else on the figure.  The armor on the boots is done cleanly and the lightsabers also have this great detail included.  While the fabric itself isn’t considered sculpting as it’s fabric, it needs to be noted that the fabric was handled incredibly.  Usually, when figures have cloth, the cloth never sits right or looks accurate.  However, with Revan, it’s tailored just right and tattered just enough to look realistic and holds the integrity of the character.   7.5/10

Articulation – As great as an empire may be, it is never without faults.  In the world of action figures, though the Star Wars Black Series is mighty, it has had major issues regarding articulation.  In their attempt to keep a lot of figures true to their movie/game/comic counterpart, they sacrifice better articulation.  While they are nowhere as bad as some figures, considering that Hasbro also produces Marvel Legends, one would hope that their engineering could transcend into the Black Series.  Revan has a ball jointed head but none of this movement can actually be used as the hood is not a separate piece.  This heavily restricts movement, otherwise, Revan would end up looking into his own hood.  The shoulders have what seem to be a swivel and hinge, which again is restricted by the molding of the top of the cape which connects to the hood.  The elbows also have a swivel and single hinge joint, as opposed to the more common double jointed elbows.  The wrists also have a swivel and single hinge, but the placement is different on each wrist.  One wrist moves up and down the other moves side to side.  The torso has a ball joint which allows for movement to turn, but very little movement forward and back.  This could have been greatly improved by adding ab-crunch articulation.  While Revan does rock the Sith robe with a skirt, this does not stop the extent of motion of the ball jointed hips, swivel cut at the thigh, or double jointed knees.  Finally, Revan also has ankle joints which rock and swivel, though at an odd degree to the cut.  The bottom half of Revan has better articulation than his top half.  For someone who is a wielder of a lightsaber, more articulation in the arms and chest would have pushed this figure to the top.   6.5/10

Final Round

No matter how much of a Jedi fan you can be, everyone loves the Sith.  They have incredible character designs, crazy backstories, and wield some insane weapons and abilities.  Even people who may not know every detail of the Star Wars Saga, will look at Darth Revan and think “This guy looks cool.”  Aside from being a general fan-favorite, Darth Revan encompasses where the Star Wars went before the Disney buy out and where it could still potentially go in the future.  The figure brings together the rich history of the character and singular design.  Prior to this, there had only been a handful of Darth Revan figures and this was the first time the character was captured in a 6 inch scale.  Fanboy love aside, it is not a perfect figure.  The lack of accessories and articulation hold it back like Obi-Wan held back Anakin.  It’s up to each individual if this figure’s amazingness is enough to add to a collection, or if your own standards are much higher.  My guess would be that if you are collecting Black Series figures, then you will gladly overlook its shortcomings in exchange for owning this highly sought after Sith Lord.  Currently, he’s mainly available from 3rd party vendors (Amazon sellers and eBay) between $40-$60. does have the entire wave (6 figures) which includes Revan for $120, but if you already have most of these figures, then you’ll have doubles to get rid of.  If you are able to track him down around the $40 mark, then I highly recommend picking him up.  Check out the gallery for more pictures below!

May the Force be with you.

So, until next time, and there will be a next time, enjoy the hunt!

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