Big Papi’s Top 7 Games of 2017

Big Papi’s Top 7 Games of 2017


by Vaughn “Big Papi” Collins

2017 was a great year for gaming. Nintendo came out with a new console, tons of fantastic games came out, and even some were new and exciting games were teased. I think this year I spent the most money on buying games. So, I’ve picked 7 of the best games that I have played out of all of 2017. Now full on disclaimer, this is just my personal opinion and some of these games I may have stretched the rules just a tad bit. I’m judging a game that came out as 2017 as something that brought new life into a game like a massive expansion or even just a full on new release. Pretty much if it’s new and came out in 2017 it is up for grabs. Now please sit back, relax, and enjoy my top 7 games of 2017.

7. Pokemon Ultra Sun

To be honest at first I wasn’t all that excited when this game was announced. I just thought that it was just another slight change from the main Pokemon Sun game just with Ultra slapped on the title. I was very glad that I was wrong. Pokemon Ultra Sun was one of the most challenging Pokemon games I have played to date. I was constantly micro managing my team over and over again just to complete trials and even fight certain trainers. I also used a significant amount of items which is odd for most veterans to the series. Pokemon Ultra Sun also had a very interesting story as well that seemed more flushed out and what they originally wanted to tell. They even brought back every big bad guy from the entire Pokemon franchise. I sunk almost 40 hours into Pokemon Ultra Sun and my time is still not over.

6. Dark Souls 3

I am a little cheating with this one I know but that is only because I didn’t really start playing Dark Souls 3 until this year. I had stopped early on upon release because I got stuck at that stupid tree boss for all eternity. After coming back to Dark Souls 3 with a brand new character I set out with a mission to beat the game once and for all. After many on and off months of playing and a few close calls for almost breaking a controller I beat the game and even started a new play through. Dark Souls 3 made me stop, study, and react to every enemy movement no matter the size. I still died a bunch of times but I always came back stronger with a new strategy. I have never felt so accomplished in my life after beating Dark Souls 3. Conquering that game has been one of my greatest achievements in 2017. Now if I could only apply that to Bloodborne…

5. Destiny 2

For what it’s worth, I thoroughly enjoyed Destiny 2 after launch on the PC. Granted the time that I’ve been playing the game has decreased significantly but that doesn’t mean that the spark has gone. I managed to level up the Hunter, Warlock, and Titan to the max level allowed and I have even managed to get them close to being over 300 power level on my own. To want to max out multiple characters in one game truly means that it was a game worth playing. Destiny 2’s story may be a little lame, the missions can be a little repetitive, and the loot drop system could be pretty overwhelming or underwhelming depending on your viewpoint but the gameplay is where it really shines. I honestly love how unique each of the three classes play. The gunplay is very fun and weapons do have some great feel to each of the many weapon types that are available. Destiny 2 for all of its short comings is still a pretty solid game in the end. I’ll probably be playing it again and again very soon.

4. Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

I have a confession to make. I haven’t beaten Breath of the Wild yet. I’m not sure if I ever really will to be honest. The reason behind it is that I took a very long break from playing the game. Going back to it now would mean I would have absolutely no idea where I am or what I was doing. In all honesty that would be terrible for most games but in Breath of the Wild that is its strongest feature. You have a massive world to explore with tons of secrets everywhere. That is to say if you want to go secret hunting. The whole point of Breath of the Wild is to pick a spot on your map or if you see a place on the horizon you could just go to it. Nothing fancy about it. You see a mountain that looks like fun to climb why not glide over there to check it out. Some giant beast off in the distance, why not go and poke it with your sword or shoot at it with your bow? Was that some sort of mythical deer thing in an enchanted looking woods and can I ride it? Those are just some of the questions you would ask yourself while running across the field in the Breath of the Wild. To be honest that is just the tip of the iceberg of what you could do. The world is your oyster and it is up to you to find some nice pearls. I’m sorry for that terrible analogy…

3. Warframe

Time and time again I come back to Warframe. It is one of my oldest games that I have ever had on Steam. With the Plains of Eidolon being one of the biggest and most expansive updates to the game to date I really haven’t taken a long break from it. There are just so many things to explore level up, or blow up in the Plains of Eidolon. I keep getting lost in the sheer volume of content that has been coming out. I’ve learned how to build my desired frames to be stronger, faster, and much deadlier than before. More importantly, I’ve been having a ton of fun learning what works and what doesn’t work with the new patches that have come out this year. Even the most recent Primed Mirage frame that just came out looks and feels amazing. It’s almost like every time I even remotely look away from Warframe there is some kind of update that adds new weapons, new mods, and even new skins. Honestly I believe Warframe will be here to stay for quite some time.

2. Cup Head

Big Fudge aka Johnny and I have waited for a long time for this game to be released. Years of us going to con after con trying to play Cup Head or at least talk to the developers of the game. Now in 2017 Cup head is finally out and it was well worth the wait. The art style of the game is straight out of the early motion picture cartoons from yesteryear. It even sounds like it came out from that time with the old timey music. The gameplay alone is probably one of the toughest bullet hell like games I have ever played. Some may even say that it is unfair at times like that stupid, no good, obnoxious dragon punk. Yes I am being that petty because that dragon is the worst. Although, as you play Cup Head you’ll start to become a jumping, shooting, bullet parrying master as you naturally learn boss patters which is one of it’s amazing features. The whole concept of “learn by doing” is the name of the game as you will die over and over again. You will get frustrated, you will want to quit, but one thing you won’t want to do is to give up on the game. You’ll be back and ready to wallop any boss that comes your way.

1. DragonBall Fighter Z (Whatever build it was at Pax West)

Yes I am cheating a bit on this one but for very good reason. When was the last time you played a Dragon Ball Z fighting game that was just a fighting game? I’m talking like an actual fighter similar to Street Fighter or Marvel vs Capcom. Not anything like the Tenkaichi series or even Xenoverse 1 or 2. Dragonball Fighter Z being made by the extremely talented people at Arc Systems and is an absolute sight to behold. Each and every single character that is in and will be in the roster of characters looks like they are ripped straight out of the TV and manga with all of their signature moves as well in crisp buttery smooth graphics. This was my most played game when I got the chance to go to Pax South. Once I was done with one line I went and stood directly on another. Matches are quick and extremely flashy just like how everyone as a kid thought the fights were in the anime. Controls are very simple to pick up but difficult to master which allows for just about anyone to pick up and play. I could not get enough of how much fun it was to play Dragonball Fighter Z. I found that my favorite character was Android 16 who is a grapple character. I don’t even like grapple characters and he was an absolute delight to play as I just caught people out of the air and break their back on the ground. I just loved it and I cannot wait for the full release in just a few weeks. You can catch me online breaking backs with Android 16 for sure and I’ll also be challenging everyone in Pixelated Rampage as well. Win or lose we will all have fun but I will say Android 16 is going to break more than Frieza’s back.

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