Where in the World has Big Papi Been???

Where in the World has Big Papi Been???


by, Vaughn “Big Papi” Collins

It has certainly been a very long time since I’ve made my last post. I’m sure some people have been wondering where I’ve even been all this time. I know that my posts have slowed down quite a bit over the past few months. I know that could be a bit worrying since usually when someone stops posting they tend to just stop. I can assure you all that this is not the case at all. Truth be told, I’ve been quite busy working on some big projects for Pixelated Rampage. Now I can’t tell you every single thing that I’ve been working on but I can tell you some things that are coming in the immediate future. I’ll also throw in some hints of what to come. What do you say ladies and gents want a peak behind the curtain? Just a tease though….

So shiny!!!!!


The Rig

First things first…I GOT A BRAND NEW COMPUTER! More specifically an Inspiron-5680 since I suck at building my own I just bought one pre-made My old computer was pretty much on its last legs. The fan was going, constant freezing, numerous performance drops when gaming, and the list just keeps going from there. It was time to move forward with a new more powerful rig. I mean I did have that computer for almost 5 years. The only thing that was keeping my old rig going was the various patches I had put onto it. Now I have a massive amount of storage and I even have an SSD now which would allow me to store all of the games in my Steam library and even load in faster to some of my online multiplayer games. It cost me a pretty penny but I am pretty ecstatic nonetheless.

The Stream

Next thing on the list is that for the most part I have officially set up my new streaming equipment. For the most part I can stream comfortably 60 FPS on high graphics settings depending on the game. That is miles ahead of what my old rig can do. I’ve even set up my Elgato capture card to work as well with my new rig. So what I’m getting at is that I am going to have a reliable streaming schedule. So that means you all will be able to watch me succeed or fail at a game. So first things first, you can catch me streaming Fridays at 8pm, Saturdays and Sundays at 2pm over on Twitch with the name PR_Big Papi (click the link!!!). For any updates about streaming you can follow me on Twitter @PhilosophicChef. Oh and I’m also getting back on twitter once again.

Then End

That’s pretty much all I’m able to discuss at the moment. There will be other things coming down the road that will be a surprise even for myself. I truly wish that I could tell you more about the big plans I have to share with everyone but alas, I must keep quiet. Although I am leaving you all with all of just a taste of what’s to come just to get excitement up. I also wanted to let everyone know that I’m coming back more prominent that ever. You can expect to see “Gaming with Steam” to return as well in the coming weeks. There might even be some Twitch highlight videos coming out in the few months as well? But hey who knows, just stay tune =P.

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