About us.

What is Pixelated Rampage? We’re a site dedicated to bringing you reviews, discussions and opinions on everything in the “nerd culture”. Each one of our writers are strongly opinionated individuals that eat, sleep and breathe video games and tech. From retro consoles to modern day games each writer is well equipped with knowledge. Video games are our passion, it’s much more than just a form of entertainment to us and aim to display that passion we have to you.
Between reviewing games, software and hardware we;re also going to give some brutally honest opinions on popular games, debs and the gaming culture as a whole. Pixelated Rampage isn’t just about reviews and opinions, we aim to have a full coverage of everything in the nerd culture. Films, comics, art and conventions will all be covered on the home site, Pixelated Rampage wants to make sure everything we love about this culture is covered for you.

What is the Editorial Soapbox?

The editorial soapbox is a weekly feature on the website where writers can unwind. Look forward to unrestricted and strongly opinionated passionate rants from all of our writers. Editorial Soapbox is where you’re gonna find our team getting a load off of their chest and really giving their honest thoughts on the most popular games, films, comics and characters.
Each post on editorial soapbox does not reflect the overall site or review of a specific title or film. The posts found under this category are the sole opinion of one person and should be looked at as their perspective. Nothing posted under the editorial soapbox label will reflect any final score a title may receive. This is a safe space for writers to let loose and share their take on something others may not agree with. Be warned however, there may be spoilers.

What is Max Rep Gaming?

Max Rep Gaming is the official YouTube, Twitch and Podcast of Pixelated Rampage. Made up of a handful pf writers, Max Rep Gaming combines unrestricted and unfiltered conversations between the writers. Touching upon upcoming titles, gameplay footage and discussions, trailers, walk throughs and more. Max Rep Gaming will be posted on both the mother site Pixelated Rampage as well as uploaded to YouTube.
Look forward to the podcast and more footage on the Max Rep Gaming YouTube channel. Live streaming of games, challenges and more will viewable on the Max Rep Gaming official Twitch channel. What sets Max Rep Gaming apart from some of the content in Pixelated Rampage is the sole fact this is the home for a handful of writers who just want to play some games and talk some trash.