Big Papi’s Top 5 “Controller Dropping.” Moments in Gaming

By: Vaughn Big Papi Collins So you’re getting heavily invested in the new game that you bought, the story is great, the game play is spectacular, and the visuals are out of this world. As you begin to progress in the game you come across a particular moment that just makes your jaw drop. You want to put the controller down because you just played some … Continue reading Big Papi’s Top 5 “Controller Dropping.” Moments in Gaming


Lego Batman Review.

By: Miguel Acuna Most things involving comic books will always spark my curiosity. Sometimes it’s a sincere anticipation for something possibly amazing. Other times, it’s the morbid desire to see a car crash of a movie that will inevitably happen. To this day, I will never understand why I paid good money to see Wolverine: Origins. In either case, I am there…front and center. The … Continue reading Lego Batman Review.


Marvel Vs DC: The endless fan debate.

By: Johnny Big Fudge Marcondes Fans of comic books, films, figures, animated series and video games all share this common rift between one another. Marvel Vs DC, which is better? Which has the better overall appeal in terms of entertainment? Which has the better characters and who can beat who? It’s something every single comic fan at one point or another has debated over. But … Continue reading Marvel Vs DC: The endless fan debate.


Retro Review: Tench Muyo! Game Hen Edition.

By: Johnny Big Fudge Marcondes Tench Muyo! Game Hen Like many who grew up in the 90’s I was exposed to some of the best anime shows through Toonami, mangas and vhs/dvds. Tenchi Muyo was one of those animes that growing up everyone loved. Combining comedy, risky romances and their fair share of action, it wasn’t until I was an adult that I even knew they … Continue reading Retro Review: Tench Muyo! Game Hen Edition.


Toy-Box! Bi-Weekly Collectible Review.

By: Miguel Acuna Playmates Dreamworks Voltron Legendary Defender Legendary Red Lion & Green Lion Review All aboard the Voltron Hype Train!  We continue the journey with Part 2 of our 3 Part Review of the Legendary Red and Green Lions from Dreamworks’ Voltron: Legendary Defender. For the previous review on the Blue and Yellow lions click here also, the review for season 2 of Volteron can … Continue reading Toy-Box! Bi-Weekly Collectible Review.